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Delhi’s I Love Music Academy Announces Scholarship

Music production school run by brothers Nakul and Arjun Vagale waives fees for audio engineering diploma

Nabeela Shaikh Jun 29, 2016
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Brothers Nakul (left) and Arjun Vagale co-founded I Love Music Academy in 2012. Photo: Archana Thakur

Brothers Nakul (left) and Arjun Vagale co-founded I Love Music Academy in 2012.

When I Love Music Academy first launched its institution in Delhi in 2012, the music production school offered a 100 percent scholarship program for select courses, but that initiative soon fell through when the sole selected recipient was, as co-founder Nakul Vagale describes, “not serious about it”. The Delhi-based music production school [also founded and run by ace electronic music producer Arjun Vagale] is far past that now, and is once more offering financial aid for their audio engineering diploma — the fees for which would otherwise amount to over Rs. 3 lakhs annually.

The scholarship [effective this academic year onward] will be based on both, student merit and financial status, and will be effective in partial or full, as decided by the management. Says Nakul, “It is our belief that students who show merit in their chosen field and are deserving but financially challenged, should still have the chance to seek admittance to attend a course that can enhance their talent and ability [”¦] This part of the industry is still pretty niche and there is no real support or infrastructure available for people interested in pursuing their careers in the electronic music field in India.”

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Apart from the audio engineering scholarship, I Love Music Academy — which was first set up in 2009 in Bengaluru and later shifted base to Delhi — is also offering students financial assistance through restructured payment schemes and loan applications. “The scholarship is a way for us to give back to the music community, for deserving students to get opportunities that they did not have earlier due to financial constraints,” says Nakul. “We want to attract individuals who are serious about music, have passion and have done some amount of work on their own towards achieving their music goals.”

Click here for more details about I Love Music Academy and the scholarship.

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