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Iconic ‘Mukbang Moments’ from Korean Dramas

If you’re a follower of ‘Mukbang’ videos and K-dramas, we’ve got something for you

Debashree Dutta Mar 29, 2022

A still from 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo' - Photo courtesy Of MBC

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As K-pop culture rises in prominence, people all over the world are certainly getting more interested in it. The ‘Hallyu’ wave has been propelled by Korea’s colorful culinary culture, in addition to Korean entertainment, K-pop, K-drama, and K-beauty products. So, if you have a thing for food, and the kaleidoscopic culinary scene of Korea; a staple of K-dramas, you will undeniably appreciate the following compilation of iconic ‘Mukbang’ videos.

Han Jieun’ Gulps Down a Large Flight Meal Spread in Full House

In this classic Korean rom-com, ‘Han Jieun’ (Song Hyekyo), is an aspiring writer, and ‘Lee Yeongjae’ (Rain, aka Jeong Jihun) is a successful actor and a conceited snob. The two strangers meet on a plane, but a twist in the tale leads them to cohabit under the terms of a contract marriage. The loveless union eventually turns into romance, as fate would have it. This, and other Full House scenes, are classics. Here, we see Han displaying an eating show where she devours almost anything, be it a heavy flight meal or a large bowl of Bibimbap.

Go Eunchan’ Eats Like No Other in Coffee Prince

‘Go Eunchan’ (Yoon Eunhye) is the family breadwinner. She has a boyish appearance, is rustic, lacks grace, and dresses like a man. Her boss (Gong Yoo as ‘Choi Hankyul’), unaware of her true identity, develops romantic feelings for her and struggles with his sexual orientation. ‘Eunchan,’ on the other hand (who also loves Hankyul), continues to disguise herself, apprehending that truth might separate them. When things come to light, Hankyul is devastated, yet reconciles after realizing his immense love for Eunchan. This gender-bending drama was ahead of its time and received critical acclaim for its subject matter. Go Eunchan, with no mannerisms, eats a lot, and isn’t ashamed of anything. She is who she is: a hardworking tomboy with a voracious appetite. She eats and digests a bunch of pizzas, Jajangmyeon, Kimchi fried rice, and everything else she can get her hands on.

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In Boys over Flowers, ‘Geum Jandi’ Hogs Like a Glutton

‘Geum Jandi’ (Ku Hyesoon), a loud working-class girl, receives a scholarship and attends the ultra-elite ‘Shinhwa High School’. Her enterprising nature and strength of character attract the attention of F4, the school’s most powerful clique, and she quickly becomes their object of affection. ‘Gu Junpyo’ (Lee Minho), the group leader, is a spoiled brat trying to control Jandi, who is always at odds with him but eventually falls for him. She represents the typical adolescent struggler from a typical family: one who works hard and eats even harder at the end of the day. Enjoy fun montage shots of Jandi’s incredible eating abilities in the video below. She can devour a lunch box, a Tuna Sashimi platter, and sweet and sour pork all at once!

Cheon Seongyi”s Hunger Pangs in My Love from the Star

‘Do Minjoon’ (Kim Soohyun) is a four-hundred-year-old alien who becomes stranded on Earth. He is skeptical about mankind, but as he becomes involved with a superstar yet childlike actress, ‘Cheon Seongyi’ (Jun Jihyun), his opinion changes. Seongi’s eccentricities are amusing, evidenced by the clip below, in which she puts on an eating show that is hysterical.

Seafood ‘Mukbang Challenge’ between ‘Goo Daeyoung’ and ‘Baek Sooji’ in Let’s Eat 2

The story involves ‘Goo Daeyoung’ (Yoon Doojoon), an insurance salesman who moves from Seoul to Sejong, a small hamlet. He meets ‘Baek Sooji’, his next-door neighbor (Seo Hyunjin). They quickly become friends and make a deed, while Sooji pursues ‘Lee Sangwoo’, the man she loves (Kwon Yul).

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Check out this ‘Mukbang Challenge’ from Let’s Eat 2, where the characters eat a feast of Korean seafood, including jumbo prawns, Nakji Jeongol (Korean Octopus stew), Jjampong (Korean hot noodle soup), and more.

‘Gu Miho’ Satisfies Her Food Cravings with Korean Beef and Chicken in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Lee Seunggi’s character, ‘Chae Daewoong’, desires to be an action hero. To realize his desire, he goes to a temple and frees a Gumiho (Shin Minah as ‘Gu Miho’), a fabled nine-tailed fox that has been confined in a painting for 500 years. He flees, horrified, and suffers serious injuries, but GuMiho saves his life and asks him to stay by his side, discovering that with his assistance, she may become a human being. Question is, can the nine-tailed fox accomplish her mission while torn between her life and a budding romance with Daewoong? This superhit Korean romantic comedy is full of adorable moments, especially between the lead characters. For instance, in the video footage below, where Gu Miho satisfies her food cravings with Korean beef and chicken in Daewoong’s company.

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