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Imphal Post Punk Band The Dirty Strikes’ Guitarist Commits Suicide

Bom Leimapokpam, who was preparing to be a firefighter, passed away yesterday

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Jan 05, 2015
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The Dirty Strikes guitarist Bom Liempokpam. Photo: courtesy of the band

The Dirty Strikes guitarist Bom Liempokpam. Photo: courtesy of the band

Manipur post-punk rock band The Dirty Strikes were just about gearing up for the year, completing five years together on January 3rd. The band were shocked by the news of founding member and guitarist Bom Leimapokpam, 24, committing suicide yesterday by hanging himself.

The band’s vocalist Kennedy Heigrujam says news of Bom’s death has shocked everyone from family to friends and fans. Adds the vocalist, “We just can’t accept the fact. It’s kind of a big pill to swallow. This reality hit us like anything. We are prepared for everything, but not for this one. Recently, on January 3rd, we had a small party at our jam pad celebrating our existence in the music scene for the last five years.” According to Kennedy, Leimapokpam was also preparing to be recruited as a firefighter, with an exam coming up in January. The band, who last performed at the Vans New Wave Asia Musicfest in Goa in November, were also gearing up for a performance in Manipur on January 17th.  Says Kennedy, “To be very frank, we are now a plane without wings but we are still strong in our heart because Bom is still alive in our heart no matter what. And all those emotional times we shared over the past years won’t fade away easy. We will keep the light burning.” 

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Kennedy recalls Leimapokpam, whom he first met in 2010 as his brother’s good friend, as one of the best live performers he shared the stage with, “The way he moved on stage is fabulous, mind blowing! Everyone loves him the way he is.”

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