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India Music Week 2012 Line-up Announcement

Second edition of the multi-genre, multi-city festival starts Nov 21st and turns the spotlight on talent from the neighboring countries

Rolling Stone India Nov 09, 2012
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Dub Inc.

Last year, the organizers of India Music Week announced an impressive line-up of 40 bands to play at the debut edition of their music festival and conference in Delhi with follow-up shows in Bengaluru and Mumbai. The dates, however, clashed with Pune’s biggest music festival, Weekender. This year, the annual multi-city, multi-genre fest takes place two weeks after Weekender’s 2012 edition.

While there are many repeats from the first year on the festival line-up such as Teddy Boy Kill, BLOT!, Soulmate, Thermal And A Quarter and Parikrama, festival goers can look out neighboring talents with bands like alt rockers Jindabaad from Nepal and percussion ensemble Naadro from Sri Lanka.

Genre-hopping European imports on the schedule include French reggae act Dub Inc, which manages to mix influences of dancehall, dub and rap in their set. While Weekender Pune attendees may have seen Berlin electro act Jahcoozi, the band’s Sasha Perera brings her solo outfit Mother Perera to Mumbai this month as part of the India Music Week. EDM fans can also look out for dance-friendly music by Lemaitre from Norway, while fans of rootsy-folk can watch out for Jil Is Lucky from France.

Watch “Rudeboy” by Dub Inc here:



Watch “Rewind” by Jindabaad:



Complete lineup at India Music Week:


Aurora Jane with Picture The Ocean (Australia/Canada)- November 21st -7 Degrees Brauhaus, Gurgaon

Naadro (Sri Lanka)- November 21st -7 Degrees Brauhaus, Gurgaon

The Jass B’Stards (Delhi)- November 21st -7 Degrees Brauhaus, Gurgaon

Casa Murilo (Norway) -November 21st – Striker Brewery, Gurgaon 

Soulmate (Shillong)- November 21st – Striker Brewery, Gurgaon 

Faridkot (Delhi)-November 21st -Rhino, Gurgaon

Nasya (Delhi) -November 21st -Rhino, Gurgaon

Dub Inc. (France)-  November 22nd– Blue Frog, Delhi

Reggae Rajahs (Delhi)- November 22nd – Blue Frog, Delhi

East Stepper (Delhi) – November 22nd– Out Of The Box, Delhi  

Frame By Frame (Delhi) – November 22nd– Out Of The Box, Delhi

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Nucleya (Delhi) – November 22nd– Out Of The Box, Delhi

Chirkutt (Bangladesh) November 22nd – Turquoise Cottage, Gurgaon

Indigo Children (Delhi) November 22nd – Turquoise Cottage, Gurgaon

Jindabaad (Nepal)- November 22nd – Turquoise Cottage, Gurgaon

Parikrama & Friends (Delhi) – November 23rd ”“ Blue Frog, Delhi

Dualist Inquiry (Delhi) – November 24th– Cheri, Delhi

Lemaitre (Norway)-November 24th– Cheri, Delhi

Donn Bhat +Passenger Revelator (Mumbai)-November 24th– Turquoise Cottage, Delhi

Jil Is Lucky (France)-November 24th– Turquoise Cottage, Delhi

Shrilektric feat. Lord KIMO (UK) -November 24th– Turquoise Cottage, Delhi

Midival Punditz (Delhi) -November 25th– Cheri, Delhi


Lemaitre (Norway)- November 21st ”“Bonobo, Mumbai

Mother Perara (Germany)- November 21st ”“Bonobo, Mumbai

Dub Inc. (France)-November 21st ”“Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Vir Das’ Alien Chutney (Mumbai) -November 21st ”“Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Parikrama & Friends (Delhi)- November 22nd ”“ Filmalaya, Mumbai

Jil Is Lucky (France) – November 22nd ”“ Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Junkyard Groove (Chennai) – November 22nd ”“ Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Shrilektric feat. Lord KIMO (UK) – November 23rd ”“ Blue Frog, Mumbai

Vasuda Sharma (Mumbai)- November 23rd ”“ Blue Frog, Mumbai

Dualist Inquiry (Delhi)- November 23rd ”“ Canvas, Mumbai

Sandunes (Mumbai) – November 23rd ”“ Canvas, Mumbai

Casa Murilo (Norway) – November 23rd ”“ Firangi Paani, Mumbai

Soulmate (Shillong) – November 23rd ”“ Firangi Paani, Mumbai

Naadro (Sri Lanka)- November 23rd ”“ Out Of The Blue, Mumbai

Spud In The Box (Mumbai) – November 23rd ”“ Out Of The Blue, Mumbai

Gandu Circus (Kolkata) -November 25th– Bonobo, Mumbai

Mental Martians (Mumbai) -November 25th– Bonobo, Mumbai

Bombay Bassment (Mumbai) -November 25th– Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Hipnotribe (Mumbai) -November 25th– Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai



Parikrama & Friends (Delhi) – November 21st ”“EZone, Bengaluru

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Strings (Pakistan) – November 21st  ”“EZone, Bengaluru

Sulk Station (Bengaluru) – November 22nd ”“Herbs &Spice, Bengaluru

Vasuda Sharma (Mumbai)- November 22nd ”“Herbs &Spice, Bengaluru

Dualist Inquiry (Delhi)- November 22nd ”“Hint, Bengaluru

Lemaitre (Norway) – November 22nd ”“Hint, Bengaluru

BLOT! (Delhi) – November 22nd ”“Sphyre, Bengaluru

Galeej Gurus (Bengaluru) – November 22nd ”“Take 5, Bengaluru

The Bicycle Days (Bengaluru) – November 22nd ”“Take 5, Bengaluru

Naadro (Sri Lanka) – November 22nd ”“TOIT, Bengaluru

Thaalavattam (Bengaluru) – November 22nd ”“TOIT, Bengaluru

Ministry Of Blues (Bengaluru) – November 22nd ”“Windmill, Bengaluru

Nucleya (Delhi) – November 23rd ”“Brick Land Grill, Bengaluru

Dub Inc. (France) – November 23rd ”“CounterCulture, Bengaluru

Reggae Rajahs (Delhi) – November 23rd ”“CounterCulture, Bengaluru

Pearl (Mumbai) – November 23rd ”“Geoffrey’s, Bengaluru

Jindabaad (Nepal) – November 23rd ”“Herbs & Spice, Bengaluru

Them Clones (Delhi)- November 23rd ”“Herbs & Spice, Bengaluru

Chirkutt (Bangladesh)- November 23rd ”“Lords Plaza, Bengaluru

Gandu Circus (Kolkata) – November 23rd ”“Lords Plaza, Bengaluru

Jil Is Lucky (France) – November 23rd ”“Paparazzi, Bengaluru

Thermal And A Quarter (Bengaluru) – November 23rd ”“Paparazzi, Bengaluru

Avial (Kerala) – November 24th ”“CounterCulture, Bengaluru

Midival Punditz (Delhi) – November 24th ”“Hint, Bengaluru

Bandish Projekt (Mumbai) – November 24th ”“Ice, Bengaluru

Moniker (Delhi) – November 24th ”“Spiga, Bengaluru

RHL (Bengaluru) – November 24th ”“Spiga, Bengaluru

Vinayaka (Bengaluru) – November 24th ”“Spiga, Bengaluru

Casa Murilo (Norway) – November 24th ”“Tease, Bengaluru

Swarathma (Bengaluru) – November 24th ”“Tease, Bengaluru

Shrilektric feat Lord KIMO (UK) – November 25th ”“B Flat, Bengaluru

Schizophonic (Bengaluru) – November 25th ”“ F-Bar, Bengaluru

Teddy Boy Kill (Delhi) – November 25th ”“F-Bar, Bengaluru

India Music Week 2012 will take place at New Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru between November 21st to 25th, 2012. More details here


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