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Watch this Indian Dance Crew Cover BTS’ ‘Fake Love’

Mizoram-based dance crew Born Unique perform the South Korean group’s choreography as part of the ‘K-pop in Public’ challenge

Rolling Stone India Jul 06, 2018
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Mizoram-based dance crew Born Unique present fiery take on South Korean group BTS’ “Fake Love.” The crew take on the choreography as part of the ‘K-pop in Public Challenge’ currently sweeping the globe.

Born Unique are a supergroup of K-pop dancers with members from well-known crews like Frozen and Immortals Army–last year the latter cemented their fame by bagging the ‘Best Dance Performance Award’ at the annual Changwon K-pop World Festival in South Korea. Immortals Army competed against 71 countries to achieve this feat with a cover of BTS’ 2016 single “Blood, Sweat and Tears.”

With immaculate, self-made costumes accurate to the music video, crisp moves and a dancer to mirror each member of BTS, Born Unique doesn’t spare a single detail.

Watch Born Unique perform the choreography for “Fake Love” below:

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