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Indian Indie’s 10 Go-To Producers You Should Work With

If you’re an indie artist that wants to record an EP or album, here are some names you need to know

David Britto Aug 09, 2017

Mumbai-based producer Ayan De has worked on records with singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha, blues/rock outfit The Tripp, post-hardcore band Godess Gagged and more. Photo: Ronit Sarkar

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Ayan De. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

1. Ayan De

Mumbai-based producer Ayan De has played a huge part in some fantastic indie albums released in the last few years. He’s worked on records from his in-house Midicore Studios with the likes of alt rockers BLEK and Unohu and harpist Nush Lewis among others. De also released his debut EP Scores For Your Background in 2012 under the moniker Paralights.

Jason D’souza. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

2. Jason D’souza

Jason D’souza is among Mumbai’s sought-after indie producers, best known for his work on pop-rock band The Colour Compound’s 2011 debut EP Sincerely Yours and punk rockers The Lightyears Explode’s 2013 debut album The Revenge of Kalicharan. D’souza who also plays guitar for alt rock band The Koniac Net, produced the group’s debut album One Last Monsoon in 2012.

Adhiraj Singh. Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar

3. Adhiraj Singh

Guitarist for Pune-based experimental metal band Noiseware, Adhiraj Singh, should be a name on the mind of metal musicians around the country. Singh is set up at Refractor Studio in Pune and has worked with Ahmedabad/Pune post-rock outfit Aswekeepsearching on their debut album Khwaab and their follow up Zia as well as Anand Bhaskar Collective’s second album Excuse Me. 

Keshav Dhar. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

4. Keshav Dhar

Known for his progressive sound, New Delhi’s Keshav Dhar is one of the country’s most well-known producers. Artists whose work bears Dhar’s signature Illusion Studios sound range from Kolkata metal outfit Yonsample, New Delhi metallers Undying Inc, Kannur metal band The Down Troddence, Chandigarh pop-punk group I Quit and acoustic artist Dhruv Visvanath to name a few. Dhar is also the guitarist for prog rockers Skyharbor.

Shantanu Hudlikar

5. Shantanu Hudlikar

Chief sound engineer at Yash Raj Films Studios in Mumbai, Shantanu Hudlikar started his career in 1990 and has worked with the likes of The Family Cheese, Indus Creed, Blakc, Advaita, Soulmate and more. His passion and enthusiasm has won respect from all quarters for his single-minded pursuit of sonic excellence.

Anupam Roy. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

6. Anupam Roy

New Delhi-bred, Mumbai-based Anupam Roy has worked with numerous metal artists. He produced post-hardcore band Scribe’s 2010 album Mark of Teja and has also worked with metal acts such as Bhayanak Maut, Kryptos and Infernal Wrath. Roy’s production skills are second to none and he offers great insight.

Miti Adhikari.

7. Miti Adhikari

In 2009, the name Miti Adhikari first popped up on the Indian indie radar when he was credited as the producer for Kolkata rock band, The Supersonics’ debut LP Maby Baking. Adhikari has also produced albums for New Delhi alt rockers Menwhopause, The Ska Vengers and shaped Kolkata pop artist Nischay Parekh’s 2013 debut album Ocean, which was recently re-released.

Vishal J Singh. Photo: FocusMonk/Ankit Gupta

8. Vishal J Singh

Mumbai producer Vishal J Singh is essentially known for his global project Amogh Symphony. He is also known in the metal and rock scene for his production skills having worked with bands like Paradigm Shift, Daira and Infinite Redemption.

Rishi Bradoo. Photo: Ronit Sarkar

9. Rishi Bradoo

Frontman of Mumbai alt rockers BLEK, Rishi Bradoo went to Alchemea College in London in 2014 to study music production. Since his return, Bradoo has set up his home studio Theatre 74 and has produced music for singer-songwriter’s Ramya Pothuri and Awkward Bong, psychedelic rock band Milk as well as his own band BLEK.

Siddharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa

10. Siddharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa

Siddharth Barooa and Amitabh Barooa started Lucid Recess Studios in Guwahati in 2008 and have produced music for various artists from the Northeast. Sessions at the studio range from bands like Digital Suicide, Dark Carnage and more. The duo also recorded and released Lucid Recess’ full length album Alive and Aware in 2015.

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(Producers are listed in no particular order)

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