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Indian Metal Label Transcending Obscurity Announces Annual Festival

Bengaluru doom metal band Djinn & Miskatonic reunite to play at Transcending Obscurity Fest in May, which also includes performances by heavy metal band Albatross, death grind band Gutslit and more

Anurag Tagat Mar 27, 2014
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Djinn and Miskatonic. Photo: Uday Shanker

Djinn and Miskatonic. Photo: Uday Shanker

After lining up genre-specific events such as Black Metal Krieg in December last year [which was co-organized by Choksi and city organizers such as Kunal Gonsalves and Ajaya Bhat] and Thrashfest last month, Mumbai-based metal label Transcending Obscurity’s founder Kunal Choksi has announced an annual festival featuring bands signed to his label, featuring a mix of metal sub-genres. The first edition of Transcending Obscurity Fest, which takes place in May, will be a reunion gig for Bengaluru doom metal band Djinn and Miskatonic, who disbanded in December last year.

While Choksi initially started with a webzine in 2004, under the name Diabolical Conquest [which later became a label], he renamed and restarted the label as Transcending Obscurity [along with an Indian sub-label] in March last year, signing bands such as thrash metallers Devoid, black metal band 1833 AD and death grind band Gutslit, among others, in a year’s time. Says Choksi, “I feel there are too many bands and not enough opportunities [for them to play]. It’s also the only way people show up from even outside Mumbai to watch the bands.”  With 14 bands currently signed to Transcending Obscurity India, Choksi has included nine in his festival’s lineup ”“ from heavy metal band Albatross to Bengaluru grind band Grossty and Guwahati death metallers Insane Prophecy.

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Going by festivals such as Black Metal Krieg and Thrashfest, Choksi prefers to pack in as many bands as possible for his shows. Choksi argues that out of nine bands, the chances of people attending to catch even three bands would work to his advantage. Says Choksi, “These aren’t those ”˜happening’ bands but I know they put on a good show which is why they deserve to play live.”

Following Transcending Obscurity Fest, Choksi is planning another mixed-genre, day-long gig called Catatonia, featuring metal that’s fast, such as thrash and slow, such as sludge. Says Choksi, “That way, people can get moments of respite but also jump around, but more importantly, stay hooked to the gig.”


Transcending Obscurity Fest 2014 Lineup

Djinn and Miskatonic



Insane Prophecy

Cosmic Infusion



Stark Denial


Transcending Obscurity Fest takes place on May 11th, 2014 at United 21, Thane. Event details here.

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