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Indian Moto-Vloggers to Follow (Part 2)

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or aspiring vlogger, here are some names we think you should get familiar with before you hit the road

David Britto Sep 11, 2020

Moto Vlogger Jasminder Singh aka Jaysn.

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Back in 2017, we compiled a list of 10 Indian moto-vloggers to follow. It included the likes of Oggy F, Mumbiker Nikhil and Zohair Ahmed, among others. We’re back with part two of folks you should keep an eye out for in the moto vlogging community.

JS Films


Moto Vlogger Jasminder Singh aka Jaysn runs his very successful YouTube channel JS Films, with a mammoth 2.45 million subscribers. Jaysn terms himself as a classic example of an “extrovert on a bike.” The moto vlogger’s videos are filled with humor and his quirky jokes while incorporating his quintessential desi-ness. As you chuckle watching the clips, Jaysn’s vlogs include custom motorcycles, his biking lifestyle as well as reviews. Follow him on his road trips as he breezes through on his bike.

Bulu Patnaik


Bengaluru/Odisha motorcyclist Bulu Patnaik or Bulu Biker as he’s known in the moto vlog community is an ardent traveler. Tune into Patnaik’s channel as he visits extraordinary locations in India and shares his riding experience through his videos.

RiderGirl Vishakha


Motovlogger Vishakha Fulsunge — also known as RiderGirl Vishakha — has grown from strength to strength ever since she started her YouTube channel in 2017. With over 500,000 subscribers, she’s used her platform to create awareness by using the slogan “Save River Save Nation” for the “Clean Rivers Initiative” while she rode solo from Mumbai to Madhya Pradesh for the cause.

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Toll Free Traveller


In 2016, Chennai-bred Rohith aka Toll Free Traveller decided to leave his job as a lawyer in Mumbai and kick start his YouTube channel which now has over 95,000 subscribers. His passion for traveling has seen him land up in exotic places across India, meet new people and enjoy various experiences which he’s documented with his videos.

Murthaza Junaid

A popular name amongst the Indian moto vlogging community, Murthaza Junaid is a passionate traveler and co-founder of Art of Motorcycles, a place for motorcycle enthusiasts to interact, learn and grow as riders. At Art of Motorcycles, Junaid helps bikers prepare for tours, stunts and racing.

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