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Indore Producer MÜNE Lays Out Chill, Starry Sounds on New Song ‘Back To Old Me’

Pranay Sharma stays true to influences like EDM artist Avicii on his latest release via Ultra Music

Anurag Tagat Aug 22, 2021

Electronic music producer MÜNE aka Pranay Sharma. Photo: Courtesy of Ultra Music

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About a year into signing with American electronic mainstay label Ultra Music, Indore-based producer MÜNE aka Pranay Sharma offers up his latest single, the dreamy instrumental track “Back To Old Me.”

Drawing from the late EDM/house music producer and DJ Avicii, MÜNE’s sound on “Back To Old Me” appropriately lends itself to a wistful yet wordless palette that’s centered around nostalgia and past selves. MÜNE says in a statement, “’Back To Old Me’ is about finding closure from a two-year depressive phase of my life, it is about going to my old self — the balanced and happy version of me and [talking about] those emotions through this track. It also refers to going back to my old signature style [of music].”

The track takes on a swirling journey which makes it most suitable for home listening, although MÜNE has plans to scale up at this point. He recently procured a DJ controller to pick up the skills and has his eye on performing in India and all over the world. He adds, “I will keep doing my signature chill sounds which people are getting know about now and realizing that I’ve got my own sound.”

Listen to “Back to Old Me” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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