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Infinity Blade

iPhone 3GS and above/iPad/ iPod Touch 3rd Gen and above/Epic Games/ 300
Genre: Action-Adventure
Price: Rs. 300
[Four stars]

Atul Kumar Mar 11, 2011

Infinity Blade for iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Infinity Blade is a repetitive game with no semblance of a story. Yet it’s perhaps the first game worth bothering with on the App Store if you’re a serious gamer.

For starters, it’s got gorgeous graphics that are on par than modern consoles. Secondly, the controls are not your usual tacked on, virtual button fare that you’re accustomed to in most iOS games, you actually use the entire screen. Oh and it’s made by the same guys who brought you the superlative Gears of War series and Shadow Complex. The game puts you in the realm of a knight out to avenge his father’s death. In order to do so, you have to defeat the God King and his minions responsible for it.

Within a few seconds of getting to the God King (which usually happens 20 minutes into the game) you find yourself thrashed beyond all belief. And this is where the repetitiveness begins. You restart the game from the beginning but with the same armour, weapons and spells you died with as well as the experience you gained allowing you to cope with the nasties in the God King’s castle better. And on reaching the God King you die quite hopelessly again. This cycle continues until you finally manage to defeat him (by the 6th or 7th time).

In spite of this, the game never feels boring due to the fact the enemies are varied and they behave differently, adopting different strategies with each battle. Combat has you swiping across the screen to slash at the nasties with your sword. Movement outside swordplay is restricted to tapping parts of the castle to receive items.

All in all Infinity Blade is a fantastic showcase for iOS devices to be taken as serious gaming consoles, on par with the DS and PSP if not more so..

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