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Inner Sanctum Return With Incendiary New Song ‘Divided By Hate’

The Bengaluru metallers release their first new material since the 2015 album ‘Legions Awake’

Anurag Tagat Dec 22, 2020

Bengaluru metal band Inner Sanctum. Photo: Nishanth Vijaykumar

With a stern gaze at the state of politics in the country, Bengaluru metal band Inner Sanctum offer their first song in five years with “Divided by Hate.” 

The thunderous track showcases their signature rattling riffage — heard on their 2015 album Legions Awake — but also levels up to a new, visceral energy from vocalist Gaurav Basu. Employing deeper growls, spoken word portions and towering snarls, Inner Sanctum channels a bit of bands like Behemoth on “Divided by Hate.” 

Perhaps taking a cue from the Polish metallers, the music video for the song — directed by filmmaker Siva S — also plays up familiar motifs of hooded figures, a shamanistic ascetic and a live funeral-turned-cremation of sorts, as the band headbang their way through the performance in a quarry. 

Although there have been plenty of gigs that have come along the way for the five-member band, the lineup has changed for Sanctum on “Divided by Hate.” This marks the first song featuring bassist Narayan Shrouthy, guitarist Arjun Mulky (from metallers Eccentric Pendulum) and drummer Jared Sandhy (who stepped in once again for drummer Abhinav Yogesh, now becoming a permanent fixture). The band said in a statement, “This year we are coming back strong […] We are from a country where the socio-political environment is highly volatile. As a band, we have strong opinions against governments across the world who have subjected their citizens to various forms of divisive politics.”

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Featuring crushing shout-along hooks such as “Lawless imperious state/Internally bleeding hate” over galloping double bass drumming, the song is a return to form for Sanctum, also offering something new on some fronts. The band adds, “‘Divided by Hate’ is a cry to express the boiling wrath of the faction of society that believe their country has been stripped of its values, its inclusiveness, and its culture of embracing diversity.” 

Watch the video for “Divided by Hate” below. Buy/stream here.


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