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Irish Singer-Songwriter Davie Furey Shares Tales About Deeply Personal New Album ‘Haunted Streets’

The LP is the musician’s first in six years

David Britto Feb 04, 2021

Irish singer-songwriter Davie Furey. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After his 2015 debut album Easy Come Easy Go was released, Irish traditional folk singer-songwriter Davie Furey spent two years on the road promoting the record. “Touring is the lifeblood of any musician particularly with so much ‘free music’ around,” he says. However, in between gigs Furey kept putting out singles over the last three years in the lead up to his new 11-track album Haunted Streets. While the pandemic pushed its release back by a year, the musician says, “10 months on and there is still no sign of live music returning, in my part of the world anyway, so I’m at the stage where I just said fuck it let’s bring out the album.”

Haunted Streets includes fun jangly acoustic guitar strums across the record while also dipping into melancholic moments as well as clever lyricism. The album opens with the protest track titled “Flames on the River” which was inspired by former U.S. President Donald Trump’s destruction of America. The emotional “Secret Light” according to the artist is almost like a prayer while the slow yet captivating ballad “Farewell Returning Blues” is one Furey had in the bag eight years ago.

“Just Like The Wind” paints a picture of an old western movie and Furey says, “This recording went in a completely different direction than what I had imagined. I’m glad it did. Changing, growing, accepting.” Furey tells us that the introspective “Who Am I” is the song is he is closest to right now. Referring to the title, he says, “It’s the fundamental question.” “Fire and Gold” is the pop the track off the record while the poignant “The Ghost in Me” is an ode to the singer-songwriter’s late father. “I’m glad that his ghost and blood is within me,” says Furey.

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Next, we hear the jumpy “Spaces Full” before the eerie “The Final Frontier” comes on, dealing with new beginnings, facing fears and getting out of one’s comfort zone. The record ends on a melancholic note with Furey’s call to protect the planet on “The Magic of the Ocean” and the bonus track called “The Music Man (For Martin Walsh),” a tribute to his friend who passed away while the artist was in the midst of making the album. Furey says, “He was a strong supporter of musical artists. I did a special house gig for him just a few days before he passed. Martin requested I sing ‘Music Man’ at his funeral, which I did.”

Furey worked with guitarist-producer Martin Quinn at JAM Studios in Meath, Ireland. Quinn also played on and mixed and mastered the record. “I have worked with Martin for many years because basically, he is one of the best producers I have come across,” says the artist. Apart from Quinn, Furey also had about 15 other musicians come in and play on the album. “Each one of them brought their own spirit and expertise so it was an incredible honor for me to be in the studio for the magic that they weaved.” He adds, “Recording these songs didn’t feel like a solo record, an experience I’ll always treasure.”

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Unable to tour this record right now due to the pandemic, Furey is looking to adapt and promote the music online. He says, “There’s a lot of life happening online during this time, some is great, some is horrendous.” The singer-songwriter also tells us that he’s already started recording new songs for a quieter album. “We’ll see where that takes us,” he says.

Stream ‘Haunted Streets’ below:

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