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It’s Raining Remixes in Indian Indie

The list includes electronica artist Anish Sood, hip-hopper Enkore, producer OX7GEN, alt-rockers Black Letters and more

David Britto Jul 03, 2020

Goa-based electronica artist Anish Sood. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Thandi Hawa (Official Remixes) – Various Artists

Pune producer Ritviz’s 2020 track “Thandi Hawa” has been flipped in three different ways recently. Thandi Hawa (Official Remixes) opens with a slick collaboration by New Delhi ace producer Sez On The Beat and Mumbai hip-hop artist Enkore. While Sez ushers in clever beats and dynamics, Enkore spits crafty rhymes over Ritviz’s original vocal hook. Goa-based electronic producer Anish Sood then adds his spin to the song with a sped-up futuristic sound and super use of vocal variations. The desi bass king Nucleya also showcases his own remix of the track with a more laidback approach. The producer brings forth folk sounds juxtaposed with a modern flair.

“Thandi Hawa (Remix)” – MojoJojo

It seems as if “Thandi Hawa” is the flavor of the season to be remixed. Here’s another version of the song by New Delhi electronica artist MojoJojo with vocals from playback singer Akasa Singh. This remix includes influences from Punjabi music and also incorporates synths with a simple groove.

“Age of Limbo (Remix)” – Anish Sood 

Mumbai singer-songwriter Mali’s latest single “Age of Limbo” is woven into a euphoric dance number by Goa producer Anish Sood. The electronica artist has taken the song in a rapidly different direction adding in percussive perfection and heavy synths but still retaining Mali’s effervescent vocals.

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“Is It You? (Remix)” – Melli

Bengaluru singer-songwriter Varshita Ramesh aka Huyana‘s R&B offering “Is It You?” has been given a total twist from electronica artist Melli. The R&B elements have been replaced with synths, a pulsating buildup and of course an ecstatic drop that would sound blistering at any night club. Ramesh’s vocals – which have been sped up to suit the remix – carry the song, giving it dynamism.

“All of A Sudden (Remix)” – NATE08

Mumbai multi-instrumentalist NATE08 has delivered quite a throbbing remix with his take on American hip-hop duo Moosh & Twist’s banger “All of A Sudden.” Over fiery rhymes from the rappers, NATE08 explores string sections which create quite a contrasting listen.

“Modern Romance (Remix)” – OX7GEN

Whenever you hear a song or remix by Mumbai producer OX7GEN, you immediately recognize his unique musical sensibilities that flow through his work. Most recently OX7GEN has put his stamp on American multi-instrumentalist Dot’s soulful song “Modern Romance.” The producer has included ambient elements, smooth keyboard work, groovy hi-hats and a lovely peaceful feel to the song.

“Nyoma (Remix)” – Pippi Ciez 

New Delhi producer Digparatsa’s track “Nyoma” off his recently released EP Existence has taken on a new life with U.K. artist Pippi Ciez’s remix. Ciez’s version has quite an industrial feel to it and includes an almost flute-esque hook while there are interesting groove elements that hold the mix well.

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Soon, I Promise (Remixes) – Various Artists

After dropping his debut EP Soon, I Promise earlier this year, Bengaluru/Puducherry artist Micah is now out with remixes for the record. “Tomorrow” includes a flex from Hyderabad electronic artist Kalmi who sticks on the funk with his remix while Micah himself tweaks “Postcard.” with a lo-fi touch and NATE08 brings his soulful touch to “Tiger Woods” with a groovy bass line.

Still As You (Remixes) – Various Artists

Bengaluru alternative band Black Letters have given their 2019 album Still As You a major overhaul by getting the record remixed by different producers from across India. While the whole remixed album drops on July 10th, the band has presented us with one single so far in the shape of the gritty Disco Puppet remix for “Noon.”  

“Azure (Remix)” – ESSAYY

If lo-fi is your thing then this remix is sure to get you in the mood. New Delhi producer ESSAYY has molded quite a concoction with a unique take on fellow producer Merō’s track “Azure.” The arcadia style song sweeps in a strong bass tone with plenty of synth movement and a simple vocal hook.

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