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Itzy Are Glamorous Outlaws in The Video for ‘Not Shy’

The South Korean girl group return with their third EP of the same name

Riddhi Chakraborty Aug 17, 2020

South Korean rookie group Itzy has returned with a brand new record titled Not Shy, led by a single of the same name. The EP is the quintet’s third since their debut and features a total of six tracks. Hours before the release of “Not Shy,” the members of Itzy teased fans with a reaction video to the single’s official music video.

The music video for “Not Shy” takes on a ‘Wild West’ theme, starting with the members of Itzy splashed across old-school ‘wanted’ posters. Their names flash on the screen in a font reminiscent of those used in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, immediately setting the scene in a modern version of the Old West. The group are glamorous bandits, dressed in couture as they chase down an armoured truck in the middle of a desert. After successfully hijacking the truck, the members take it back to their headquarters–a dusty old auto-repair garage–and open it up to reveal a haul of mysterious white boxes. The crumbling garage is revealed to be a front however, as the girls open a secret latch hidden under the sand in front of the building, revealed to be an underground freezer full of the same white boxes. At the end of the clip, the boxes are revealed to contain various cakes and confectionaries that Itzy dig into with relish.

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“Not Shy” takes a turn away from the high-energy EDM on Itzy’s previous singles, and dives into dancehall with a touch of hip-hop and funk (courtesy the groovy brass instruments over the chorus.) The track is about a confident girl who isn’t afraid to demand that she want’s a relationship; “Hey there, hey there/We’re a great pair, great pair/I don’t know what you’re feeling but what I think is right/Since my feelings are mine I’ll freely like you/And since your feelings are yours too/Tell me it all, come on all of it/‘Cause I’m not shy.”

Itzy debuted in 2019 and was the first girl group from JYP Entertainment since their highly successful sister group Twice’s debut in 2015. The quintet sky-rocketed to fame thanks to their stronger girl crush look, dynamic choreography and the hard-hitting electronic sound on their debut record, It’z Different–a far cry from JYP Entertainment’s previous girl groups who usually built their brands on elegant or bubblegum pop concepts. Not Shy is Itzy’s second EP of 2020, following March’s It’z Me, and its hit lead single “Wannabe.”


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