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Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards: Randeep Singh of Menwhopause

“I remember we were sitting in the corner with our fingers crossed. I don’t remember much afterwards though…we partied pretty hard!”

Rohan Shah Jan 20, 2012
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Randeep Singh of Menwhopause (photo: Shiv Ahuja)

Randeep Singh, the bassist from Menwhopause, spoke to Rolling Stone about how the JD Rock awards are helping to discover and acknowledge Indian talent.

“It feels amazing to be nominated. When we started off there were no awards as such, now any band can apply for nomination. They are helping musicians get recognized and are really important for Indian bands”

Menwhopause are nominated in six categories, including Best Band, Best Song and Best Album. Singh himself is nominated in the Best Bassist category, and remembers when Menwhopause took home the Best Band award in 2008.

“That was quite a moment for us. It was an awesome atmosphere, but we were a little tense as the best band category was announced last.  I remember we were sitting in the corner with our fingers crossed. I don’t remember much afterwards though”¦we partied pretty hard!”

Singh also cited fellow Best Band nominee Peter Cat Recording co. as an example of how the awards promote talent. “I’ve seen them live and they are an amazing band, it’s great to see that the awards have helped them get some recognition.”

The other contenders for Best Band are Indian Ocean, Undying inc., and Pentagram. Pentagram currently leads the field with seven nominations. “I don’t follow their [Pentagram] albums as such, but I’ve seen them live and I love the energy they bring. The venue was filled with people screaming.”

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Menwhopause are currently working on a new album which Singh has told us will be entitled Haze.“We have worked out the melodies for thirteen to fourteen songs and will be going away on a small getaway for four or five days to work out the skeletal structure and instrumentation. We also hope to release a single very soon. Fans can expect madness, madness and more madness.”

To vote for your favorite band, log onto http://www.jdrockawards.com/age.aspx and cast you vote.

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