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Jackson Wang Returns With a Dynamic and Theatrical Music Video ‘Blow’

The latest release comes a few weeks after Wang released his mixtape ‘Lost&Found’

Divyansha Dongre Mar 31, 2022

Throughout his illustrious career, Jackson Wang has demonstrated his expertise in the pop, hip-hop and R&B space. Be it with the fellow band- members-turned-family of GOT7 or as a solo artist, the global pop icon never shows his cards right away, making his comebacks worth the wait.

In his latest release “Blow,” the pop star joins the growing list of artists embracing the rock wave. Embodying the electrifying energy of Nineties rock, Wang weaves an interesting soundscape, balancing analog & digital sounds. The cherry lies in the track’s soaring chorus which meshes hard percussion sounds with distorted guitar riffs, creating a drunken-trance-like atmosphere as the background vocals chant “Ooh, woah.” Performance-wise, Wang matches the sonic intensity with a raspy-almost-gruff vocalization, enhancing the rock aura. 

Co-written by Wang, the single talks about a forbidden romance. Though Wang was aware the stranger was potentially dangerous, her undeniable magnetism eventually drew him in; “I felt her coming and I couldn’t escape/ I’m in the belly of the beast again/ My dirty secret that keeps me awake/ Don’t stop now you got me ready to (Blow!).” The fleeting-yet-heated romance motif complements the hard and electric influences of Nineties rock. 

Unlike the sonic tribute, Wang goes further into the past for the music video, culling out the vintage fashion influences. Armored in corsets, puff sleeve shirts and more, the multifaceted artist assembles a spirited, sensual theatrical performance. Supported by a legion of professional dancers, the crew enters a trance-like state upon inhaling an unknown smoke mist. What follows next is an expressive and captivating dance performance, with Wang ushering the viewers from one frame to another.

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“Blow” marks Wang’s first step towards his forthcoming album Magic Man. The album title was also seen n the post-credits section of his 2021 release “Drive You Home.” The album title is further accompanied by a cryptic message which reads, ‘The longer the night lasts, the more our dreams will be.’


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