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Jackson Wang Wrestles with Grief in ‘Drive You Home’

Following the success of ‘California Remix’, the Chinese super star joins forces with music collective Internet Money for his latest single

Divyansha Dongre Jul 29, 2021
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Armored with a gripping storyline and smooth R&B, Jackson Wang’s “Drive You Home” sees the multi-faceted artist join hands with American music collective Internet Money. The track is a follow-up to Wang’s previous single, “LMLY” which he dropped in March. 

Co-produced by Nick Mira and David Stewart and co-written by fellow collaborator Internet Money and Nija, “Drive You Home” is one out of the 30+ projects Wang is set to release this year. Unlike his past releases, the music video sees Wang play the role of a suited corporate man who is backed with power, wealth and love, but is then struck by tragedy. 

The video opens with a gleeful Wang making his mark as the latest addition to a corporation. Things seem to be going great as he takes a seat at his newly assigned desk, christening it with a framed photograph of his love interest. The scene then shifts to a disheveled version of himself outside the building. The suit rips off of him to reveal several bruises and cuts on his body and the once-joyful singer is in despair as he drags his feet around the crowded streets, seemingly searching for someone. The video proceeds to trace the artist’s footsteps in reverse, unraveling the sequence of events that lead to his state. 

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Building up to his next project, the post-credits of the video features the title of what seems to be his next single or album, “Magic Man.” The teaser further revealed a cryptic message, ‘The longer the night lasts, the more our dreams will be.’

Earlier this month, Wang featured on “California Remix,” along with his 88rising collaborators Rich Brian, NIKI and Warren Hue. Wang is also reportedly set to release two albums this year – one in English and one in Chinese.

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