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Jaipur Pop Band Dream Note Launch New EP ‘Dhun’, Plot Seven-City Tour

Vocalist Gaurav Tiwari and guitarist-producer Taresh Agarwal talk about hitting up cities like Bengaluru, Pune and Chandigarh for the first time

Anurag Tagat May 06, 2022

Dream Note's Gaurav Tiwari and Taresh Agarwal. Photo: Anand Jain

Right on the heels of releasing their second EP Dhun, Jaipur indie-pop band Dream Note have announced a seven-city run of shows, calling it The Dream Tour.

Kicking off on May 11th in Mumbai and wrapping up on May 28th on home ground in Jaipur, the Hindi act will perform songs off Dhun, their trippy 2020 debut record Girgit Damroo and The Good Trip, and singles like “Waqt Ki Baatein,” and “Tere Janey Ke Baad.” Guitarist-producer Taresh Agarwal adds, “We are really excited to perform the new EP alongside a couple of unreleased tracks that we are really looking forward to playing on stage for the first time.”

Founder members Agarwal and vocalist and songwriter Gaurav Tiwari will be joined by bassist Sachin Singh, keyboardist Yash Verma and drummer Bharat Prateek on these shows. Tiwari adds, “This feels like a dream come true, we’ve been trying to do this for a while and finally this is happening. All thanks to Sarthak [Kulshrestha] from [entertainment company] Bohemian for planning this tour. When Akshay [Kapoor] from Believe Artist Services came up with this name, ‘The Dream Tour,’ we were all smiles. This is the first time we are hitting these many cities. This is also our first time in Bangalore, Pune and Chandigarh, and we are really excited about it.”

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The five-track Dhun stays true to Dream Note’s lush and ebullient sonics, even as the lyrics often delve on melancholy. The band started working on the EP in December 2021. Tiwari says, “Dhun has multiple meanings, one being ‘tune’ or ‘melody’ as used in terms of music, and another meaning ‘being in one’s element,’ like when we say ‘apni hi dhun mai.’ For us, these songs are tunes of life and all those sleepless, cold nights that went into making these tunes are reminiscent of so many memories and experiences we had during this whole process.”

Simple acoustic arrangements often lie at the center of Dream Note’s songwriting, which have made them part of the current wave of Hindi pop artists, alongside the likes of Osho Jain, Piyush Bhisekar, Ramil Ganjoo and more. “Dil” blooms with folksy elements and “Kahaani” follows that thread, albeit diving into darker, slightly unsettling sounds. “Khoyi Hui Dhun” is meditative and reflects the band’s dream-pop side, while “Zaroori Nahi” picks up the pace. The EP closes with the urgent yet nimbly packed-together pop song “Zeher.”

Agarwal adds about the production, “The idea was to keep the tracks raw/acoustic, with ukulele being the main element. I think there’s something about the sound of it that makes you happy and melancholic at the same time, but as things went into production, we tried different moods/tones with different songs, and I’m really happy with how this came out.”

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The band also continues to explore the visual dimension with striking music videos for songs like “Dil” and “Zeher” off Dhun. There are plans to put out a music video for “Kahaani,” but Tiwari says it might just be set to a different version of the song. “We will be playing [‘Kahaani’] in our live sets and we will release it soon after that, then maybe we can figure out which version we want to go ahead with, for the music video.”

The vocalist confirms that Dream Note are also working towards completing their debut full-length album this year.

Bohemian Entertainment, Believe Artist Services and Kreative Keeda present Dream Note’s The Dream Tour 2022

May 11th – antiSOCIAL, Mumbai w/Bombay Bandook, Madmast (tickets)

May 13th – SHERI, Pune w/Nyasa (tickets)

May 14th – Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined, Bengaluru w/Akshita Mengi (tickets)

May 21st – Imperfecto, New Delhi (tickets)

May 22nd – The Brew Estate, Chandigarh (tickets)

May 28th – TBA, Jaipur (tickets)