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Jambus Tour Winds Up In Mumbai

Bengaluru’s Caesar’s Palace and Something Relevant from Mumbai take to stage tonight

Ishani Shukla Jul 25, 2012

Photo: Diane Vaz/ What’s The Scene

When Bengaluru jam band Caesar’s Palace wanted to test their new material, they wanted to ensure that it wouldn’t be another regular gig. So the band hooked up with Mumbai’s Something Relevant, also a jam band, who were perfectly in sync with Caesar’s Palace and how spontaneous music sessions unfold on stage. Caesar’s Palace guitarist Anurag Shankar says, “We didn’t want to tour alone because we knew we’re not as well known outside of Bangalore. Something Relevant was a natural choice. We’ve known them for a while, they like our music, we like theirs and they give us a lot of space when we’re performing together. In most bands, the members tend to stick to their own space.” Together, Caesar’s Palace and Something Relevant kicked off the Jambus Tour earlier this week.

Says Ryan Sadri of Something Relevant, “This whole concept keeps the music fresh and exciting for both the audience and us. We’re building a community here.” Although these gigs are usually completely improvisational, with set lists changing almost every gig, expect to hear a lot of songs off Caesar’s Palace’s 2010 EP Mindfield tonight including “Get Your Mojo On,” “Scram,”  and “Hope Song,” among others. Something Relevant will perform covers of tunes by Boston funk band, Lettuce, apart from their gig regulars such as “Move” and “Liar Liar.”

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Both bands plan to revive the Jambus tour next year on an even bigger scale. Caesar’s Palace hope to tour with other Bengaluru bands including Mad Orange Fireworks, Thermal and a Quarter and The Captains of Hook from Chennai, among others.

The Jambus Tour, 25th July, Blue Frog, Mumbai, 10 pm onwards.Entry: Rs. 300