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James Morrison

Songs For You, Truths For Me
Universal Music
[Three Stars]

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Dec 10, 2008

When James Morrison sings lyrics like “Keep me warm as I hold you tight ”“ Coz this might be our only night” (off the opener ”˜The Only Night’) in his rough, raspy voice, he’s sure lining up to turn into the next chick magnet. His refreshing sophomore album puts him in the league of the big time singer – songwriters of today ”“ John Mayer, Jack Johnson and (dare I say it) James Blunt ”“ and although he might sometimes be compared to the latter, their styles are completely different. Morrison keeps it fresh through the album mixing the delicate with the upbeat, unlike the sometimes painfully consistent brogue of Blunt. ”˜Please Don’t Stop the Rain’ is a beautiful piano-driven track, a la Keane, while the mildly overproduced ”˜Broken Strings’(featuring Nelly Furtado) is catchy enough to be the album’s radio hit. However, the bubbly motown-y ”˜Nothing Ever Hurts Like You’ is probably the album’s highlight, sounding almost like Marvin Gaye’s ”˜Heard It Through The Grapevine’, with witty lyrics “I’ve got my hands up so take your aim / Yeah I’m ready”¦”¦..Its not real until you feel the pain/ And nothing ever hurt like you.’ Quite an impressive effort.

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