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Watch Jessi Unleash the Beast in ‘What Type of X’

The Korean-American soloist makes her much-awaited comeback after the global success of her 2020 hit ‘Nunu Nana’

Divyansha Dongre Mar 17, 2021
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With the world celebrating Women’s History Month, rapper and songwriter Jessi makes her contribution with the release of her empowering digital single “What Type of X.” The trap-rock inspired track sees the artist foray into an intimate space of self-actualization as she opens with a powerful message of how it’s okay to be different– “I’m a different type of beast/ But it’s okay.”

“What Type Of X” not only showcases Jessi’s abilities as a rapper, composer, and songwriter, but also gives listeners an understanding of the artist she is– the kind who constantly evolves and isn’t afraid of trying out something new. When compared to her pop-rap track “Nunu Nana,” “What Type of X,” features a unique blend of dynamic guitar riffs and trap beats, giving this single a certain old-school, rock-tinged edge.

Jessi’s unapologetic songwriting has significantly helped to elevate the self-loving feminist narrative the rapper is going for. Right before the rapper unleashes the catchy, synth-heavy chorus, she sets the playing field right with lyrics such as, “I’m different and it’s not a crime/ Only God can judge me, you don’t live my life/ I ain’t got to be the one just for you.”

Jessi also delivers a crisp, no-sweat choreography to match the powerful beats of “What Type of X”– a combination that worked beautifully in the past for “Nuna Nuna,” launching the rapper into international fame and a favorite amongst viral dance trends on social media. 

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