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Jester To Launch Debut Album

The Delhi pop rock band will release ‘Myths and Fables’ at the Area79 music and art festival

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Apr 03, 2013
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Jester originally had plans to release an EP when they launched their first single, “Big Bad Wolf,” in January. Pranav Pahwa, guitarist and manager of the five-member pop rock band tells us that the band has managed to ready a full album titled Myths and Fables, releasing on April 13th at the Area79 festival in Blue Frog, Delhi.

“It’s still the six songs we planned for the EP, but we’re calling it an album. Regardless of six or nine songs, you have to consider the quality of the tracks. They’re all nearly five-minute songs, and it’s not straightforward pop rock.” says Pahwa, adding that the band took four years to put Myths and Fables together. Formed in 2008, Jester took a break in 2011, got back together last year and have been actively gigging since. Jester approached prog metal band Skyharbor’s guitarist Keshav Dhar to produce the album last December. “We spent just nine or 10 days tracking and it’s about to go through the final mix now,” says Pahwa. Thematically, the album is simply a storybook says Pahwa. “They [the songs] are not traditional love songs, they’re satires. Myths and Fables is a collection of stories for this era,” says Pahwa, referring to the track “La Questa,” which talks about how rehearsals can kill a band member’s social life.

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Jester launches their album at the Area79 festival, which coincidentally includes album launch performances by jazz band Syncopation, electro post-punk band Sky Rabbit, dubstep/glitch-hop duo Dogfight and EDM artist Nikhel Kumar Mahajan aka Shiva Central. However, after their 45-minute album launch set at the Area79 festival, the band will have to take a break from gigging so that keyboardist Harshit Jain can prepare for his college exams. “We’ll get back into gigs in June. We have plans for a tour, but we’re going to spend the next few months pushing the album’s online release,” says Pahwa.

Jester performs at the Area79 Music and Arts Festival at Blue Frog, Delhi on April 13th, 2013, 2pm onward. Entry: TBC. Event details here.

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