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Nostalgic Pop, Hip-Hop, and Bengali and Assamese Folk feature among JioSaavn Spotted East Finalists

Among the top 8 are rising rappers Archiesman Kundu, Azaad Shaikh and MC RYN

Rolling Stone India Jun 28, 2022

After talent hunt JioSaavn Spotted launched their first language-centered round for Hindi artists in May, their East finalists have been announced earlier this week, with eight artists singing in Bengali and Assamese across styles.

Singer-songwriter Uddipta Kolita’s Assamese song “Duhat Meli” makes for a fusion rock inclusion on the playlist, while Kolkata-based Bengali rapper Archiesman Kundu turns up with the slinky “Babuana Chal.” Elsewhere, Bhubaneswar-based rapper and singer-songwriter Azaad Shaikh salutes his home on “760009 (Behrampur Anthem)” and Assamese singer Rupankita Papari Sarma crafts a ballad with “Ahinor Prothom.” Singer-songwriter Ripple P. Baruah goes the traditional Assamese folk route with “Dhou Tulise” and Cuttack composer-instrumentalist duo Amlan-Sourav evoke cinematic pop-rock on the Odia song “Aatmakatha.” Midnapore-based Bengali singer-songwriter Pratik Mishra offers an emotional piano ballad with “Bodlabe Somoy” and MC RYN aka Rahul Lakra digs into Assamese rap on “Dahad – Roar.”

The finalists now vie to be in the top five, based on their streaming number within the JioSaavn Spotted East Finalists playlist. Assamese folk star Papon, singer-composer Jonita Gandhi, composer Salim Merchant and hip-hop artist DIVINE – who are the judges – will pick the top result from the top five. The winner will join the first JioSaavn Spotted Hindi winner, New Delhi artist Aman Sagar who released the song “Tere Irade” through the talent search.

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Up next, JioSaavn Spotted will seek entries – unreleased demos from independent artists – in Punjabi, starting July 1st. Submissions for the West category – with Marathi, Gujarati, Rajasthani and other language songs – will be accepted from August 1st onwards, followed by the South category starting in September, and more.

Launched on April 25th and concluding on December 10th, JioSaavn Spotted 2022 will see four zonal rounds – East, West, North and South – as well as three language rounds – English, Hindi, Punjabi.

Listen to JioSaavn Spotted East Finalists here.


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