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Jitter aka DJ Jayant To Play A Collaborative Set With Kohra At Sunburn This Week

The Delhi-based DJs will play a two-hour set together at the Mumbai and Bengaluru editions of Sunburn

Rolling Stone India Nov 12, 2013
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DJ Jayant

DJ Jayant Luthra aka Jitter

Well before they started their careers as DJs, Jayant Luthra and Madhav Shorey were badminton buddies in school. Adds Shorey, “I’ve known Jayant since when I was a runty kid in shorts.” When Shorey decided to find his sound as an electronica artist in 2002, it was Luthra who encouraged him to experiment and it was Shorey’s turn to push Luthra when he launched his independent music label, Qilla Records. Shorey, who is better known as Kohra, adds, “I’ve always had a lot of respect for Jayant as he was one of the best DJs in Delhi when I was just starting off. We’ve always been on the same page musically and have shared records and CDs.”  Both DJs cite artists such as Boris Pracht, Shpongle and Hans Zimmer as influences and despite their music going down different trajectories over the years, they’ve always played similar music ”“ progressive house and techno. Says Shorey, who first played a collaborative set with Luthra aka Jitter in 2006, “Jayant used to ask me to open for him at clubs. We decided to start playing together when we realized that we played similar music.” Luthra adds, “Though his [Kohra’s] music is more groovy and a little more towards the deep end, I tend to go a little harder with my stuff. So, all of it together is an interesting combination.”

Madhav Shorey aka Kohra.

Madhav Shorey aka Kohra.

This month, their collaborative set at Sunburn promises to be unique in that it will be part live and part DJ set. They are going to experiment with an analog set up with Luthra handling the synths and a drum machine and Shorey mixing on the laptop. Adds Shorey, “We’ll be mixing a few of each other’s tracks.” Luthra has released several EPs with the most recent one being Virus that released in July and an album titled Anxious Awakening that released this January. Shorey last released two EPs, Dust Particle and Burnt Cinema, in 2012. Both DJs will also mix tracks by some of their favorite artists.

Apart from Kohra and Jitter, Delhi-based techno producer Arjun Vagale, American techno/house artist Josh Wink and Swedish techno artist Adam Beyer will also play the Afterburn stage at Sunburn Mumbai and Bengaluru. Says Luthra, “I have been following Wink for a really long time. He is legendary and is a techno king. It is quite exciting to share a stage with them [Wink and Beyer].”

Catch Jitter and Kohra at the Afterburn stage at Sunburn Mumbai at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse on November 16th. Season passes range between Rs 1,950- Rs 4,950. Passes for day 1 are priced at Rs 1,500 and Day 2 at Rs 1,750.

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Kohra and Jitter also perform at Sunburn Bengaluru at E-zone Club, Marathalli, on November 17th. Season passes range between Rs 1,750- Rs 4,000. Passes for day 1 are priced at Rs 1,250 and Day 2 at Rs 1,500.

Passes available here

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