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John 00 Fleming to Perform at VH1 Supersonic

The British trance artist on how Indian EDM fans are now more discerning

Rolling Stone India Dec 23, 2014
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John 00 Fleming

John 00 Fleming

For trance producer and founder of the music label J00F Recordings, John ”˜00’ Fleming, being in the industry for more than 20 years has involved tough decisions, hard work and fighting the wave of EDM that has taken over the world of electronica. Says Fleming, “Today’s DJs just want to have the crowd worship them ”“ so it’s big hits, big tracks, big breakdown, big lights, big lazers. It was never about that.”

Beginning his career in the early Nineties, the British producer released his first full length album Nine in 2011, followed by One.hundred.ten WKO earlier this year. Known for his extended, curated sets that span from techno to deep progressive, Fleming also released JOOF Editions, a four-hour 42-track compilation album, which is his testament to “surviving the commercial storm.” Says the producer, “Look at our musical history ”“ say punk in the Seventies, which was a rebellion against glam rock. You’ve had raves in the Ninetines. And now you’ve got EDM which is a commercial explosion, but I can honestly see the tide turning. After so many years, people have grown tired of it. They want to be stimulated on the dance floor.”

Fleming has been performing in India for the last decade, and says that he sees a shift in EDM fans. Says the artist, “When I first started coming to India, you could play whatever you wanted. But with the internet, territories aren’t localized anymore.” While easy access to music has made curating a set more challenging, the producer isn’t worried about the effect that it will have on DJing in the long run. Adds Fleming, “I think the scene has changed a lot today where the artists haven’t got the pedigree of being a DJ ”“ they’re people who make tracks to get to the Beatport charts and suddenly they’re international touring stars. When you go back to my generation – I call them gravediggers ”“ we spend hours looking for music and we’re armed with a plethora of tools for every situation in the club.”

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John 00 Fleming will perform at Vh1 Supersonic, being held at Candolim Beach in Goa, on December 30th. The festival is on from December 27th to 30th For tickets go here.


Listen to “Healing” by John OO Fleming:

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