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Junkyard Groove

11:11 [Bootleg]
Four Stars
Independent Release

Key Tracks: ‘Been So Long,’ ‘Folk You’

Anna Philip Jul 25, 2009
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It’s been a long wait for Junkyard Groove fans who’ve been expecting for an album almost since the band first formed in 2005, but it’s been well worth it. Every song on their debut album does justice to the band and their unique sound. With the growing number of rock bands in the country, it’s a surprise that Junkyard Groove has such a large fan base and, even better, a different style of music that captures their audiences. For those of you who haven’t listened to these guys before, now is a good time to start, because this album will change your mind about Indian rock bands. The album starts with ”˜Open,’ a soft song that could have easily been placed somewhere in the middle instead of right at the beginning. But ”˜Imagine’, the second track, could have opened the album with the powerful vocals and haunting lead guitar. There is no denying that on more than one song, vocalist Ameeth Thomas sounds eerily like Eddie Vedder. What could be called their most upbeat song is ”˜Folk You,’ with a brilliant intro and incredibly powerful vocals that make you snap your fingers, bob your head and tap your feet all at the same time. With half the song in Tamil and Malayalam ”“ using the famous Kerala boat song as the main hook ”“ teamed with an addictive beat; this could very well be the one song that will become a favorite for all. What everyone is obviously looking for on this album are the two songs that have taken this nation by storm ”“ ”˜Let You Go’ and ”˜It’s Ok’ ”“ and by adding both tracks to the album, the band have made new and old fans very happy. This 11 track album is everything that you want and more. The vocals are spectacular and Ameeth Thomas has really set the bar high for other vocalists. Produced by Joshua F. Williams, this is definitely the most promising album from an Indian band so far this year

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