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Junkyard Groove

By Suraj Mani of Motherjane

Mar 10, 2010

Photograph by Shiv Ahuja

There are a couple of reasons why Junkyard Groove ranks amongst my favourite Indian rock acts, with their unabashed talent, great songs and maniacal irreverence for most things. I’ve attended their shows and I really enjoy the bonhomie and general atmosphere of craziness that they serve with some absolutely gorgeous music. Their debut album 11:11 Bootleg is also in my opinion one of the best productions and albums that has come from this country. It’s a difficult task for me to pick my favourite song from that album and THAT is what an album should offer its listener – great songs all around. Still, ”˜Folk You,’ ”˜Imagine,’ ”˜Been So Long,’ and ”˜It’s OK’ top the list of my favourites. Way to go guys. I hope the hunger always burns, the music always flows and the success comes in time.

By Suraj Mani of Motherjane


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