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Junkyard Groove

Nicer in a Minute EP
[Three and half stars]
Independent release

Key Tracks: ‘Let You Go,’ ‘Say Goodbye’

Bobin James Apr 20, 2009
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Junkyard Groove has been around for about four years now. But it wasn’t until they won themselves an opening slot at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2007 that they really stepped into the spotlight, and into public consciousness outside of hometown Chennai. While the debut album is still in the making, the band decided to self-release this EP of five sparkling songs online for free download.

On the face of it, Nicer in a Minute might seem like a collection of standard-fare guitar rock. But give it a few spins and you will find each song burrowing deeper into your head ”“ be it a vocal melody, a guitar vamp or a bass romp. Junkyard Groove proves with this EP that if you are a good musician, you really needn’t indulge in technical wankery to get your music across. This is a bunch of solid musicians writing and performing straight from the heart, not sacrificing musicality at the altar of technicality. ”˜Let You Go,’ one of the best songs on this EP, could well be the showcase for individual talent. Siddharth Srinivasan, with his chiming guitar sound, shows why he is among the most talented young guitarists in the country today. Ameeth Thomas sings uninhibitedly in his classic-rock voice. Craig Maxworth twiddles out a beautifully languorous bassline. And Maynard Grant shines through with his inspired yet restrained drumming. ”˜Say Goodbye’ is a gorgeous laidback ballad that will make you want to add to the vocal harmonies during the chorus. In fact, that is the beauty of Nicer in a Minute: These are all songs you want to sing along to, songs you would want to learn on the guitar.

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