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“Kacha Badam” by Bhuban Badyakar Transcends Borders

The song has everyone in a frenzy. Be it a Portuguese father-daughter duo, a popular Tanzanian content creator, or a Korean mother-daughter

Debashree Dutta Feb 19, 2022

Bhuban Badyakar, the “Kacha Badam” singer penned the song only to attract customers while selling peanuts in and around the villages of Birbhum district (West Bengal). A resident of Kuraljuri village, within the Lakshminarayanpur Panchayat, he apparently, makes a living, selling peanuts in exchange for bric-a-brac. “Kacha Badam”, the song which went viral on social media, especially on Instagram, is his brainchild. The song has received a lot of attention due to its funky beat and is currently, trending on the net. Bhuban’s sudden leap to fame has led him to be felicitated by the West Bengal Police Department.

It all began when a random Instagram user captured a video of Bhuban singing and posted it to his account. The video became popular first on social media, but it gained traction when Badyakar teamed up with two Bengali rappers to make an official video garnering millions of views on YouTube. Amit Dhull, a famous Haryanvi singer-actor, even remixed the song in Haryanvi, with popular TikTok sensation Nisha Bhatt dancing along.

Thousands of Instagram reels on ‘Kacha Badam’ have been made ever since, including celebrities like Jannat Zubair and other media influencers. Creators all around the world have reproduced the song into similar reels, memes, and dance videos. Jika, the French dancer, posted a reel on his Instagram page, nailing the song’s steps. The video went viral in no time, capturing widespread attention. Kili Paul, the popular Tanzanian Instagram star and content creator, has also created a reel to the catchy song with his sister Neema Paul. In ways, “Kacha Badam” has crossed boundaries and captivated people globally.

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As far as Bhuban is concerned, he feels amazed by the outpouring of support. He stated in an interview with ETimes that he is no longer merely a peanut seller. People think of him as a musician, and this is a wonderful time for him and his village. He confesses that the attention sometimes puts him in a spot because he isn’t used to fame. At the same time, he is content and hopes to provide a better future for his family through his music.

Well, let me admit, seeing “Kacha Badam” trend, with videos all over the internet upsets me at times. It’s everywhere, it’s gone viral, it’s there on everyone’s Instagram feed. But, on a second thought, will this trend genuinely benefit Bhuban? He’s been on TV, in the media, on shows, and in other places, but will he get what he deserves? Will he be compensated fairly for his work? Or are they just peanuts?

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