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KARD Are Goth Gods In The Video For ‘Dumb Litty’

The South Korean co-ed group finally unveiled the hard-hitting new music video in which they channel their inner Greek gods

Riddhi Chakraborty Sep 23, 2019

KARD's main dancer and vocalist Jiwoo portrays Greek goddess Hera in the video for "Dumb Litty."

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South Korean group KARD make their long-awaited comeback with the brand new single, “Dumb Litty.” After teasing a fierce Greek-god concept with vibrant promotional photos and short clips over the past few weeks, the co-ed group finally premiered the hard-hitting new music video yesterday.

Produced by the group’s lead rapper BM, “Dumb Litty” takes a refreshing turn away from KARD’s signature tropical house vibes, cruising into heavy trap, EDM and touches of oriental instrumentals. The result is a dangerous and somewhat mystical vibe that retains KARD’s exoticism. The lyrics are a confident declaration of partying until the dawn and not giving a damn any responsibilities or what anyone else thinks: “I am released from my chains and I wake up/We go up until the morning comes (go dumb)/Tomorrow’s worries we leave in tomorrow/Let’s keep going until the end.”

In the video for “Dumb Litty,” the four members of KARD portray two gods each: BM is Thor and Zeus, J.Seph is Ares and Dionysus, Jiwoo is Hera and Athena while Somin is Aphrodite and Chloris. Each of the members are dressed to correspond with their respective roles, for example as the goddess of war Athena, Jiwoo carries a sword, while J.Seph as Dionysus, the god of wine and music, holds a glass of wine as he lies draped over an opulent throne. The video alternates between solo clips of each of the members in their godly avatars before swapping to group shots of KARD, dressed in casual grunge/goth apparel, engage in fast-paced choreography over the chorus.

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Earlier this year, KARD made their India debut with concerts in New Delhi and Guwahati.

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