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Karsh’s Cinematic Soundscape

Karsh Kale album launch, March 16th, Blue Frog, Mumbai

Sharin Bhatti Mar 17, 2012
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Karsh Kale during his performance at Blue Frog. Photo : Monisha Ajgaonkar

Karsh Kale creates soundscapes of cinematic grandeur – pulsating orchestral compositions that could almost make for a soundtrack to a thriller perhaps. The maestro conductor officially released his studio album Cinema in India, with a gig cleverly designed to give a novice and a seasoned fan the very best of Kale.

Hosted by the mid-town club Blue Frog, Kale was joined on stage with an all-star cast of Warren Mendonsa (guitars), Johan Pais (bass), Jai Row Kavi (drums), Ajay Prasanna (flute) and DJ Jayant on the console. On tabla, Kale began the much-delayed and hence over-anticipated night on an evergreen note, with “Milan,” one of his earliest self-discovery tracks from the 2003 album Liberation. Easing into the evening, Kale remained composed and in control of the tabla, giving room for his house band to find their groove. Bollywood and indi pop divas Shilpa Rao and Apeksha Dandekar joined him on stage for a rendition of “Chandni Raat,” and a forgettable “Mallika Jam.”

However it wasn’t until rapper Mandeep Sethi put his toasting skills to test on stage, that things got moving. His tasteful freestyle slams and Vidhi Sharma’s soulful electro-vibrato on the title track “Cinema,” with Kale beating the skins off the drums made the sold-out gig a memory stamp. Mendonsa’s superfly fret slides and plucks stole the limelight on many occasions during the gig. The producer maestro started the night on a slow note but went on to deliver a groovy beast that commanded an echo of elation from the crowd. 

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Catch Karsh Kale bring Cinema, to Blue Frog, New Delhi tonight. 

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