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Genesis Foundation’s Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival: Behind the Scenes

Swarathma vocalist Vasu Dixit, folk musician Kutle Khan from Rajasthan and Sankarshan Kini from Mumbai get into jamming mode

Rolling Stone India Apr 09, 2015
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Genesis Foundation recently organized Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival,  a two-day event that featured some of the finest artists of the country. Hosted at Baikunth Resorts, the audience saw some stellar performances by bands like Kolkata’s The Supersonics and Barefaced Liar from Delhi and got a taste of folk with Kutle Khan and Rabbi Shergill.

Even when the artists were not performing on stage, the venue never fell short on music. The musicians transformed the resort into a creative space, by jamming together at every given opportunity. Here’s a video of vocalist Vasu Dixit of Bengaluru folk-fusion band Swarathma jamming with folk singer Kutle Khan and multi-instrumentalist Sankarshan Kini.

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