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Kashmira Khot Delivers a Blazing Rock Debut With ‘Break Through’

The Pune artist shines amidst riveting guitars and crushing drums

David Britto Jul 16, 2021

Pune-based singer-songwriter Kashmira Khot. Photo: Soham Joshi

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Pune-based singer-songwriter Kashmira Khot trained in Indian classical music on and off up until she was 17. It was only as an 18-year-old that she began to pursue Western songs, the kind of music she leaned more towards. She says, “I learned how to play some basic guitar chords and got into composing with more dedication.” Khot adds, “I started finding musicians who were into Western music too because if it wasn’t for their influence, I don’t know how much I would’ve progressed by myself.” Now at 20, Khot is out with her debut rock offering, “Break Through.”

The musician penned the song this past October during a time she was dealing with “chaos, mess and struggling to understand things.” Khot admits to being afraid of making major changes in her life. She says, “I couldn’t handle it at first, but then again, with time, everything only got better. Everything led me to this song.”

“Break Through” rests on a bed of resilient guitars and pulsating drums while Khot’s voice cuts through perfectly with verve. According to the artist, the song is a conversation with herself. “It’s about changing and overcoming your flaws to be a better person,” says Khot. The track has been produced, mixed and mastered by vocalist-guitarist Mayank Katare (from metal outfit Kasck) at Pune’s Reverb Studios.

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Khot counts working on “Break Through” as a “great experience” and one that has opened up a new world for her. The singer-songwriter has already begun work on a follow-up single while also putting an album together. “I plan on supporting my album by performing live at gigs or however opportunities present themselves amidst this pandemic,” she says.

Stream “Break Through” on YouTube below and on other platforms.

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