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Katy Perry Announces New Single ‘Cozy Little Christmas’

The American pop star’s new track is now available in India exclusively on Amazon Prime

Riddhi Chakraborty Nov 15, 2018

"Cozy Little Christmas" is a whimsical track about Perry's favorite time of year.

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Katy Perry is getting into the holiday mood with the release of her new track “Cozy Little Christmas.”

Produced and written by the American singer, Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Greg Wells and singer-songwriter Ferras Alqaisi, “Cozy Little Christmas” is a whimsical track about the Perry’s favorite time of year, reflecting on her holiday season spent with family in Copenhagen.

The track is available exclusively on Amazon Music on the playlist ‘Fresh International,’ along with several other new releases for the season from various artists. Amazon Prime Music listeners can also simply ask, “Alexa, play Katy Perry’s new holiday song,” in the Amazon Prime Music app for iOS and Android and on their Alexa-enabled devices to instantly hear the track.

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