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Khirkee Gharana


Two and a half stars


Neha Sharma Jan 20, 2009
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As much as the name might suggest otherwise, these guys don’t have a bone of Indian-ness on sound, their music chases imports out and out. But we have a clutch of such bands in the likes of Jalebee Cartel, who are happy riding the international drift bothering little to sign off with something that might help patent their sound. This Delhi based electro-acoustic outfit believes in minimal variations, with little fuss about layering. It’s like those songwriters who believe that added complexity is not a qualifier for a good song ”“ at the end of the day it falls on lay ears that don’t understand technicality. Starting off with a very ambient resonance the song invites swift beats and key samples, though, in places a sense of amateurishness sets in on structure and timing of samples, sounding choppy and out of place. This track would make for a great background score, not too sure if it could carry the weight of an album. So, mixed feelings on this one; the guys have the sense in them but they need to hone their craft. Towards the end, a voice states definitively, “It is time you realise that you are masters in someone else’s home;” we wonder, are the guys trying to tell us something about themselves?

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