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Kim Woojin Breaks Free From Darkness in ‘Ready Now’

The South Korean vocalist makes his highly-anticipated debut with a six-track mini-album, ‘The moment: 未成年, a minor’

Divyansha Dongre Aug 05, 2021
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Diving deeper into his artistry to give listeners a glimpse of his innermost self, South Korean soloist Kim Woojin makes a heartening comeback with a synth-pop single, “Ready Now.” Following the themes explored in his pre-debut single “Still Dream,” Woojin elucidates on the emotional turmoil he experienced when battling false sexual assault allegations that came to light in September of last year. The vocalist, who is clear of all allegations, outlines the harrowing impact it had on his mental health and his determination towards moving forward.

Blending his talents as a dancer and vocalist, Woojin expresses emotional suffocation through a choreography-driven approach with several commentaries hinting towards entrapment, isolation and fear. Woojin also makes himself emotionally vulnerable through poignant lyricism, narrating his journey from despair to hope, “Let’s face it together/ I’m ready now (Hey, hey)/ I’m ready now, it’s the end/ The painful times/ I will end this gloriously/ ‘Cause I’m ready, it’s the end.” 

Dissecting his story deeper, the vocalist places his suffering under a microscope, painting a clear picture of his innocence he fought to reclaim, “Throw embers without knowing how it’ll grow, yeah/ Inside of that cruel joke without a reason, I’m burnt to ashes/ Even if I shout out to stop with courage/ Repetitive echo all to myself without a reply.” Despite the rocky beginning to his solo career, Woojin seems stronger than ever, ready to embark on a new journey with the love and support of his beloved fans, “End this chain of wounds (Yeah)/ You and I could smile/ Let’s begin.”

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Serving as the lead single of his debut album, The moment: 未成年, a minor, “Ready Now” along with “Intro: Alea iacta est,” “Still Dream,” “In My Space,” “My Growing Pains,” and “Purple Sky” all feature Woojin as a co-writer.

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