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Kinect Sports

[Four stars]
Microsoft Studios
Genre: Sports
Price: Xbox 360 (Kinect) (Rs 1999)

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Feb 11, 2011

With Microsoft’s stab at controller-free gaming comes the obligatory sports title to get mainstream attention.  But unlike previous attempts at creating a decent sports compilation (Wii Sports, I’m looking at you) Kinect Sports is actually a no-brainer purchase.

Featuring table tennis, track-and-field events, football, bowling and volley ball there’s something for even the most couch-inclined soul to get up and give this a shot. Part of it is due the presentation that’s pretty good, sporting some sweet, albeit childish graphics and a fantastic licensed music.

More importantly, it’s that one rare launch title that’s got the controls right. Everything from table tennis spins to hurdle jumps are accurately represented barring the extremely rare hiccup that rears its head when things get too busy on screen.

While football wasn’t exactly as it should have been (you can’t tackle your opponents) the very fact that it stays true to the idea of using your body as a controller by tracking your feet makes the whole experience feel very next-gen.

The best part of Kinect Sports is the fact that it’s extremely intuitive, so much so that even someone like your mom won’t have a problem navigating the menus via Kinect. Our only grouse is that this should have been bundled with Kinect rather than Kinect Adventures as this is one of the few titles that gets everything right, making a new owner warm up to the experience rather than be stuck with another title that’s lackluster at best. Worth a purchase for every Kinect owner.

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