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Kitchensink Explore a Sense of Collectiveness in New Video for ‘Funny Girl’

The track highlights the New Delhi group’s upcoming ‘Harmless Things’ LP

David Britto Jul 02, 2018

New Delhi jazz/rock group Kitchensink will release their album 'Harmless Things' this month. photo: Shiv Ahuja

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Kitchensink showcase that regardless of age and gender, everyone is instructed on how to go about life by others with their reflective “Funny Girl” video.

The New Delhi jazz/rock group opens the clip ”“ filmed by New Delhi videographer Talisa Oberoi ”“ with a young girl gazing at a building and then cuts to people from all backgrounds mouthing the words to the guitar heavy song. The black and white video follows the same sequence throughout, guitarist Adhir Ghosh says, “The idea is about just a certain sense of collective experience within this idea of prescriptiveness and having been told what to do at different stages of your life.”

“Funny Girl” is the lead single from Kitchensink’s upcoming 10-track debut self-produced LP, Harmless Things, due to release later this month. Ask Ghosh why the band decided to drop “Funny Girl” first and he says, “[It] is definitely one of the stronger songs we felt would also kind of make an impact, it had a certain visual quality also that we wanted to work on.”

The band, comprising Ghosh, vocalist Smiti Malik, drummer Siddharth Jain, bassist Amar Pandey and keyboardist Ritwik De recorded Harmless Things between two studios in New Delhi; The Crib run by Jain and Ghar Ka Studios operated by De. Kitchensink also got on board seasoned sound engineer Miti Adhikari to mix the album. “We’ve been fans of his work and he really opened up the songs and gave his own sort of take,” says Ghosh.

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Once the record is out, the group plan on setting up tour dates for Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad as well as their hometown to promote the album. However, Ghosh also states that the band is fine with doing fewer gigs too, he says, “We wanted to maintain a certain sound and idea and if that is doing less gigs we are ok with that and we said, ”˜Let’s keep this space for our own music and keep it the way we wanted to sound.’” He adds, “[We’re] working on a more creative sort of live set.”

Watch the video for “Funny Girl” below:

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