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Know What ‘Tomorrow’ Has in Store for You

Having become half-human and half-spirit by accident, a young man is hired by the grim reapers for a special task

Debashree Dutta Feb 23, 2022

'Tomorrow' - Photo courtesy of MBC

Tomorrow, an MBC action fantasy drama will be released on Netflix in March 2022. This Netflix original series, directed by Kim Taeyoon, is based on South Korean creator Llama’s webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of ‘Joonwoong’, a jobless college graduate who inadvertently falls off a bridge and becomes bedridden, and goes into a comatose state.

Photo: Courtesy of Webtoon

Surprisingly, while in a state of coma, he receives an opportunity to temporarily join the underworld company ‘Flashback”s crisis response unit. If he accepts this offer, he might be able to free himself from the karmic burden that has hindered him from finding a job for so long, and as he’s got nothing worthwhile to do ‘tomorrow’, he feels it would be rather a good thing to save lives along with the grim reapers! You can read the webtoon comics here.

In the drama, our protagonist, ‘Choi Joonwoong’ (Rowoon of SF9), is searching for a job, but it is hard for him to land one. He otherwise seems like an excellent candidate. A graduate from an elite, prestigious university, the privileged son of wealthy parents. One night, he accidentally runs into the angels of death (grim reapers), ‘Gu Ryeon’ (Kim Heeseon) and ‘Im Ryonggu’ (Yun Jion).

The two death angels are part of a crisis management team. Im Rynoggu is a member, while Gu Ryeon is the leader with a dark past. The group strives to save suicidal people and ropes in Choi who joins the crisis management team and becomes a part of their mission. Lee Soohyuk will play ‘Park Joonggil’, the chief of the humanitarian management body at the spirit management headquarters, while Kim Chaeeun will play ‘Kim Hyewon’ in this series.

Character stills from Tomorrow: Photo courtesy of MBC

This drama has a distinctive storyline, in my opinion, and is sure to pique viewers’ curiosity. So, I’m looking forward to some high-octane action, adrenaline rush, and great acting in this show. The early episodes are expected to work to build up each of our key characters, with echoes of their prior lives pouring through. Rowoon as Choi, the newly appointed grim reaper, is a character I’m excited to see. I believe the character he will play will be distinct from the others he has done in the past.

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While watching this film, you may experience a wide range of emotions, relating to sadness, joy, and mystery. Tomorrow will premiere on Netflix, next month, first of April, 2022. There are a total of 16 episodes. In addition to the original narrative, I believe the characters will make the drama compelling. If you enjoy fantasy, the supernatural, adventure, and have a thing for the action genre, then Tomorrow is for you, a must-watch.


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