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Hear Kolkata Singer-Songwriter Raj Goon’s Spirited EP ‘It’s Never Too Late’

Jazz, piano ballads, pop-rock and fusion come together on the record

Anurag Tagat Apr 27, 2021

Kolkata singer-songwriter Raj Goon. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Kolkata-based rocker Raj Goon’s debut EP It’s Never Too Late might have been in the works for about six years, but his path to building confidence as a musician has been in the making for nearly three decades.

The 40-something singer-songwriter, who says he inherited his vocal capabilities from his mother, went from school music competitions to ghazals and Bengali songs and also performed music in college. He says, “In about in 2008, I remember I was in Canada, watching a music T.V. show, I was awestruck listening to one of the singers. I realized, having a good voice is a possession which wouldn’t last until it’s taken care of with proper guidance.” Once he returned to India, Goon enrolled for vocal training when he was 27, deciding to embody the motto that it’s never too late.

The ensuing years of songwriting and performing in India has led to the diverse six-track record, produced by Toronto-based Justin Gray and Pravin Mani, plus Kolkata guitarist-producer John Paul. It’s Never Too Late ties together upbeat songs like “Antaratma,” rock ballads like “Nanhein Farishtey,” a sax-driven jazz tune called “Kalavati” and journeying pop-rock on “Baatein.” Goon says, “Nothing was preconceived, everything just evolved. The mood, the message, the emotion of the song is what has put each of them in their own space.”

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Where the singer-songwriter pushes forward even further is on the dark, Carnatic violin-infused track “Rang Rasiya” as well as the piano-led Hindi-English romantic ballad “I Love You.” “I always had this fascination of using violin in one of my compositions. I have always loved the way raagas are played in South Indian classical music on violin, along with ghatam and I couldn’t let go of this opportunity, but to use it. Pravin Mani produced the track bang on.”

With music videos for “Antaratma, “Kalavati” and “I Love You” already out, Goon says he’s playing it by ear for more visual material for the rest of the EP, especially owing to the pandemic. There are more singles as well set for release later this year. “I am yet to work on Bengali originals, so maybe I will look into that area too,” Goon adds.

Listen to ‘It’s Never Too Late’ below. Stream on more platforms here.


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