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Komorebi And Curtain Blue Join Forces Once Again on New EP ‘Birds And Bees’

The New Delhi artists last collaborated together for 2020’s record ‘Green Tea’

David Britto Apr 04, 2022

New Delhi electronic artists Curtain Blue (left) and Komorebi. Photo: Tania Grewal

Two years on since they last teamed up for the four-track Green Tea, New Delhi artists Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi and Abhishek Bhatia aka Curtain Blue (from experimental rockers The Circus) are now back together for a brand new offering in the shape of an EP entitled Birds And Bees. Although the pair have been working extensively on their solo material, Marwah says, “Since we’re big fans of one another, we keep sneaking in a collaboration every now and then.”

Birds And Bees includes the hypnotic title track and the upbeat groove-oriented “I’ll Be Your Someone” as well as remix versions of both songs by producers Kabeer Kathpalia aka OAFF and Okedo, respectively. On working with Bhatia, Marwah says, “Writing together is something that, thankfully, comes naturally for the both of us. Abhishek and I are of similar sensibilities, we’re both a bit socially awkward and like our time alone.” She adds, “Somehow we match wavelengths and hold space for one another. We have similar taste in music too. I always end up going to his studio space in Gurgaon and then we improvise. Sometimes there is alcohol involved, other times, you guessed it – green tea.”

Komorebi And Curtain Blue’s goal for the record was to write simple songs with minimal layers and catchy vocal hooks while using plenty of analog synths, all of which they’ve been able to capture quite splendidly across the tracks. “The themes for ‘I’ll Be Your Someone’ and ‘Birds And Bees’ are totally contrasting,” says Marwah. She adds, “The former is about instability in relationships, a slightly more serious theme. The latter is about two strangers flirting at a party, and their internal monologues.” On having OAFF and Okedo add their sensibilities to the record, Marwah says, “Both are meticulously produced and very dancey and fit really well into the EP.”

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With visually intriguing music videos for “Birds and Bees” and “I’ll Be Your Someone” shot and directed by Puru Mehta already out, Komorebi informs us that there is plenty more music in the works to be released later this year. She says, “Abhishek is learning ballet for his next release.”

Stream ‘Birds and Bees’ on Spotify below: