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The Koniac Net To Release New EP

The Mumbai alternative rock band’s new material comes two years after their debut album

Anurag Tagat Feb 28, 2014
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The Koniac Net. Photo: Siddharth Dugha

The Koniac Net. Photo: Siddharth Dugha

Songwriter David Abraham, frontman of Mumbai alt rock band The Koniac Net wrote the songs in his new EP, Abiogenesis nearly a decade ago and already has enough songs written down for his second full-length album, the follow-up to 2012’s One Last Monsoon. Says Abraham, “The line up went from me being a solo artist to a full-fledged five-piece band, and we’ve been able to work with each other so fluently and with such comfort. I have to admit that it’s been stressful working around each others’ schedules to record and mix the EP.”

The plan to put together an EP, though, only came up after The Koniac Net released One Last Monsoon in 2012. Abraham says Abiogenesis, which is set to release on February 28th, is a bridge between the first album and the next one the band is already working on. One of the earliest songs Abraham wrote that feature on the EP is “The Ardent Companion That You Are,” inspired by hard alternative rock bands such as Helmet. Abraham adds that this song, written in 2004, gives a taste of the heavier, hard rock space the band’s second album will feature, along with experimenting with other rock sub-genres.

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Abiogenesis also includes songs such as “Chasing After You” and “Floor-less (De Profundis),” which the band has been performing at gigs for the last six months. Unlike One Last Monsoon, Abraham sat down and jammed on songs from the EP with members including guitarist and producer Jason D’Souza, guitarist Ishaan Krishna, bassist Adil Kurwa and drummer Karun Kannampilly. The frontman adds that the process of making the EP has been “especially stressful” for guitarist D’Souza, who is also mixing tracks on Abiogenesis. Being with band members helped Abraham decide which of his songs went into the EP, and left space for experimenting with electronica sounds as well. Drummer Kannampilly used a synthesizer called the Continuum Fingerboard on the EP, which Abraham says add a subtle but significant electronica element.

Although the EP will release online, the band are working on a launch gig in Mumbai for the release, where they plan to sell physical copies. Says Abraham, “We will be releasing a couple more singles in the near future, but then we’ll immediately start work on our second album. All the songs are pretty much ready, but I want to rework them with the band so that each member adds their own ideas into each and every song.”

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1. Rose Coloured Glasses

2. Floor-less (de profundis)

3. Another Point Of View (A Halcyon Place To Be)

4. Chasing After You

5. The Ardent Companion That You Are

Listen to “Chasing After You” from Abiogenesis. Buy the EP here.

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