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Korean Rock Band ONEWE Join Forces With MAMAMOO’s Hwasa On ‘Q’

The band and vocalist show off their fantastic synergy on the new rock-R&B single

Riddhi Chakraborty Apr 02, 2020

Hwasa {centre) and ONEWE.

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South Korean rock band ONEWE have finally dropped their much-anticipated collaboration with labelmate and MAMAMOO member Hwasa. Titled “Q,” the track created a lot of buzz online over the last few weeks after the artists dropped a behind-the-scenes video of the process of working together to make it.

The video for “Q”  keeps it simple with shots of ONEWE and Hwasa performing the track together and elegant solo scenes for each of the artists. The most fascinating moment in the video is when Hwasa begins applying her makeup and with each stroke of her brush on her skin, a member of ONEWE reveals a corresponding wound on their face.

Written by the group’s bassist and rapper CyA, “Q” was originally a trap-heavy track released almost a year ago under the title “Don’t Play With Me.” ONEWE and Hwasa’s version gives the track a pop-rock, R&B-informed makeover, adding a sense of melancholy and sultriness. “Q” is bittersweet in its lyricism, as it describes the feeling of being drawn to someone despite knowing they’re not right for you. “I close my eyes to the reality/I’d rather enter a dream/Why bother with puppy love/I don’t want it anymore/I keep acting like a child because of you.. I don’t get it, the calls that come in late at night/I don’t get it, the expressions you sometimes send/I don’t get it, the you who is bright everyday/I don’t get it.”

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This is not the first time ONEWE and Hwasa have worked together–the group have previously appeared with the vocalist on an MBC special, where they performed a medley of English rock band Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You.” ONEWE’s rock cover of MAMAMOO’s hit track “Hip” also saw the band receive viral attention, further fueling fans’ desires to see the labelmates collaborate on an original track.

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