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Kovsky Drops Synth Leaning New Single ‘Love Sick’

The Mumbai-bred pop artist has also released a self-directed quirky music video

David Britto Sep 04, 2020

Mumbai-bred pop artist Kovsky. Photo: Kyle Ian Park

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It’s been only a few months since Mumbai-bred pop artist Aashna Gulabani aka Kovsky released her immersive single “Lonely.” Kovsky has kept herself busy after that by juggling between her academics, work and studio time. With plenty of unreleased material in the vault, she’s carefully planning when to put out music. “I’ve been learning to shoot and edit videos by myself so that I can work independently on my own music videos too,” she says. Kovsky puts her new skills into practice by directing the accompanying clip for her new synth offering, “Love Sick.”

The artist initially intended to release “Love Sick” a month earlier but due to COVID-19, she had to wait it out to tie up the loose ends. Kovsky believes that to stay relevant in the music industry these days, artists need to churn out music at a quick pace. She says, “It’s crazy, there’s never any downtime because you don’t want your fans to have to wait so long that they forget who you are.” Kovsky adds, “There’s always at least five people in your DMs saying that they’re waiting for your next project.”

On “Love Sick” – produced by Mumbai artist Viraj Chheda aka Citizen Kale – we hear a distinctive synth hook while Kovsky flows over with whispery breezy vocals and also at times showcasing quickfire delivery in an almost rap-like manner. The singer says, “The song is called ‘Love Sick’ not because I’m madly in love but because I realized that I love so intensely that it often leaves me feeling sick.” She adds, “I feel like the song helped me come to terms with the fact that even though I’m a good person, I’m not a saint and I do feel hateful sometimes.”

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Apart from directing the track’s music video, Kovsky also produced and edited it and cinematographer-actress Nikita Advani shot it. In the quirky clip, we see the singer dancing and singing the song while scenes from the animated series Pokémon plays in the background. The artwork, designed by visual artist Neil Bijlaney and clicked by photographer Kyle Park on a film camera, is intended to look like a scene from a coming of age indie movie. Kovsky explains, “This whole year has felt like that.”

Hot on the heels from “Love Sick,” Kovsky is already looking ahead to releasing more music and is keen to be quicker this time. However, the artist wants to do things in steps as she explains that she often gets overwhelmed with the process. “I just do what I need to do in the present and see where it takes me. I’m a very shut up and work kind of person, I don’t like plans,” says Kovsky.

Watch the video for “Love Sick” below and hear the song on streaming platforms

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