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Kovsky Transitions into Ash Lune, Releases New Single ‘Panic at the Party’

The Mumbai-bred artist recently also signed with New Zealand-based Page 1 Management

David Britto Sep 01, 2021

Mumbai-bred and Brisbane-based artist Ash Lune. Photo: Courtesy of Page 1 Management

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The last time we spoke to Mumbai-bred and Brisbane-based artist Ash Lune in September last year, she was moonlighting as Kovsky and released her synth-leaning track “Love Sick” at the time. Lune admits that she wasn’t very happy with the music she was releasing as Kovsky. She says, “I started Kovsky when I just started learning to write music. I feel like every artist needs to grow.” The growth has come in the form of her new moniker, Ash Lune. The songwriter says, “Ash Lune is more honest, it’s more me.” She adds, “I just thought it’s a fresh start, fresh beginning and the new music is completely different.”

The first glimpse into Lune’s new music is the cinematic “Panic at the Party.” The track is the lead single off the musician’s yet to be titled upcoming EP, with whom she’s releasing via New Zealand-based Page 1 Management. The artist penned the fresh track late last year during a hectic period in her life. Lune recalls appearing for her University finals, going to work and also spending time at the studio at least thrice a week. “I was always on the brink of, ‘Oh my God, I have so much to do. I want to cry.’” Along with her producer Tom Eggert, the singer-songwriter completed the basis of the track in about nine minutes. “The song is about social anxiety which I have and tons of people experience social anxiety.”

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Ask Lune if songwriting is sort of an outlet to deal with social anxiety and she confirms that is the case. She says, “It definitely is.” The artist tells us that she was always keen on making honest art but also felt apprehensive about doing so. “[I kept thinking] I hope people don’t judge me, because you’re literally putting out everything you don’t want to say to anyone out there for the world to see. But if it helps people, it’s great.”

Coming to the track itself, “Panic at the Party” opens with beautiful guitar plucking and subtle piano parts while Lune enters with her angelic vocals and showcases a wide range with her singing performance. The track then gets a lift with a string arrangement as the groove kicks and Lune sings sincerely, “All of this world/And all of these lights/All of your hurt and all of these fights/Are coming back to haunt me tonight.”

The singer-songwriter has also released a fantastic visual for the song that has been shot by photographer and filmmaker Rene Vaile. The clip showcases Lune in her element, performing the track as red hues run across her while a group of people are seen in another scene traveling in a car. “We thought it would be really cool to mix Ash Lune’s perspective of things, but also somebody else’s perspective, the outside perspective. So, we just went with that and there’s this huge dark and light contrast in the video,” says Lune.

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There’s another single due to be released soon before the debut Ash Lune EP drops later this year. Lune also has plans to do live shows when things ease up due to the pandemic. With the support of management now, the singer-songwriter explains that she’s thankful for it being an indie artist. “It’s good for someone to have your back and that is the biggest thing for me,” she says.

Watch the video for “Panic at the Party” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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