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Kryptos Announce Coils Around Europe Tour

The Bengaluru old school metal band will head to Europe for the second time to play festivals and clubs this July

Anurag Tagat Feb 28, 2013
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Indian metal is ready to go up on the global map this year ”“ with thrash/groove metal band Zygnema playing Inferno Festival in Norway in March and Bengaluru death/thrash metallers Inner Sanctum confirmed to play at Burning Sea Festival in Croatia in June. Also taking India metal to Europe is Bengaluru’s old school metallers Kryptos, who will perform across Germany and Norway in July and August.

Kryptos, who celebrate 15 years as a band this year, are touring Europe for the second time, following their July 2010 Invasion Europa tour, which included stops at Rockmaraton festival in Hungary and In Flammen Open Air in Torgau, Germany, a festival the band is repeating this time around. In addition, their Coils Around Europe 2013 tour includes performances at popular metal festivals such as Wacken Open Air [which hosted Zygnema last year] and Ragnarock Open Air in Hessen, Germany. “This is what all bands should do. We [Indian bands] play in lo-fi venues and while there’s the internet to spread your music globally, there’s nothing like actually being out there,” says vocalist and guitarist Nolan Lewis.

The vocalist says their European debut in 2010 has helped them prepare better this time around: “We’ll probably travel everywhere by train, which gives the chance for sightseeing. Last time, we were too busy getting drunk.” Lewis also adds that their previous Euro trip and third album [Coils of Apollyon] release via German label AFM Records has led them onto a second tour. “They [record label] can only help out a little bit, by spreading the word, the rest we have to do ourselves,” says Lewis.

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The band’s manager Salman Syed, who says the band have been plotting a Europe tour for years, started putting things in place in October last year. Syed adds the band will play smaller clubs in between bigger festival appearances during their tour, which kickstarts with In Flammen Open Air on July 6th. “I’m personally kicked about Wacken Open Air, since it’s every metal band’s dream. There’s also Ragnarock Open Air, which features bands on the same level of music as Kryptos,” says Syed.

The band also has grand plans for their India gig before they hit Europe. At Kryptos’ next show in Bengaluru, slated to take place in May, the band will perform all their three albums in its entirety, calling on friends and ex-members to jam with them on stage.


Kryptos Coils Around Europe 2013Kryptos Europe tour

July 6th ”“ In Flammen Open Air, Germany

July 13th ”“ Open Air festival, Germany [TBC]

July 27th ”“ Ragnarock Open Air, Germany

August 1st ”“ 3rd Wacken Open Air, Germany

August 9th  ”“ Aalesund, Norway

August 10th ”“ Sam’s 15th Anniversary Festival, Aschaffenburg, Germany

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