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Kung Fu Panda

[Three stars]
Xbox 360/Activison
Rs 2,460

Jul 11, 2008
Rolling Stone India - Google News

After a really long wait here’s a game where the movies-to-game translation isn’t lost. What’s more, the central character has Jack Black holding fort in the voice of

an animated Panda (Can he get more animated?). So get your hands on Kung Fu Panda.

The game is based on five basic style of Shaolin animal Kung Fu – tiger, viper, crane, monkey and praying mantis ”“ although it’s the Panda who does most of the kicking

The game has a classic coming of the age tale. Po the round Panda, played by Jack Black, believes he has what it takes to conquer the world. In this case, Po’s goal is to win the next Kung-Fu tournament.

The game is across 13 levels, where you play several characters from the film (Furious Five including tigress, monkey, viper, mantis and crane) but the character level-ups can only be done using Po, and these level-ups help you gain extra moves and powers, that can be used during combat.

The game has a basic button layout for attacks, which can be combinations of kicks and punches. The graphics are crisp and nothing spectacular.

We miss the other big voiceovers though. It would have been a bonus to have Angelina Joile, Dustin Hoofman or the lead Po (Black).

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