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Lady Gaga Releases Massive Pop Anthem

‘The Edge of Glory’ features saxophone by Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band

Matthew Perpetua May 10, 2011
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Lady Gaga released a new song, “The Edge of Glory,” to the iTunes store today. Gaga’s representatives are quick to note that the song, which will appear on her new album Born This Way, is not an official single but rather the first track of a promotion with iTunes leading up to the record’s arrival on May 23rd. They may want to reconsider the “it’s not a single” thing, though ”“ it sounds like it could become a huge summer hit.

“The Edge of Glory” was one of the handful of new Gaga tracks that Rolling Stone previewed back in February. It has a power ballad chorus, a thumping disco beat and a fabulous lead saxophone part performed by Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band. It sounds bizarre, but somehow Gaga gets it all to seem very natural. It’s an immediate pop anthem, with soaring hooks and romantic, life-affirming lyrics: “I’m on the edge of glory / and I’m hanging on a moment with you!”

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