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Until We Last to Release Debut EP ‘Earthgazing’

The Bengaluru post rock band will give away their four-track EP online for free later this month

Anurag Tagat Aug 05, 2014
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Until We Last - Paul Dharamraj, Ketan Bahirat, Ralston D'souza and Chaithanya Jade (from left) Photo: Myriad Hues/Nikhil Unnikrishnan

Until We Last – Paul Dharamraj, Ketan Bahirat, Ralston D’souza and Chaithanya Jade (from left) Photo: Myriad Hues/Nikhil Unnikrishnan

Bengaluru post rock band Until We Last say they’ve introduced a lot of Indian listeners to the genre, with their style of instrumental rock that usually starts out soft and builds up to a loud, reverb-heavy riffs. Since it’s instrumental, new fans have always come forward to tell the band what they think of Until We Last. Says founding member and guitarist Ketan Bahirat, “People thought we were a love-failure name at first, making music for broken relationships.”

The band’s intention with their music, especially on their upcoming debut four-track EP Earthgazing, is far from being a soundtrack to lonely hearts. Bahirat explains that the songs on the EP were influenced by the band’s travels around Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. “But then, when we came back to the city, we realized they [cities] are destroying everything.” The guitarist is quick to add that there’s nothing dark or negative about Earthgazing, “The good thing is that there are still so many places to see.” Although the band distributed a bootleg CD of their tracks and released their first single “Rain” last year, Earthgazing is their first official release, recorded by Bengaluru producer Rahul Ranganath [previously of alt/psych rock band The Bicycle Days] and mixed by Delhi producer and prog metal band Skyharbor’s guitarist Keshav Dhar. Until We Last also shopped for studios and sent the EP to be mastered at London’s Associated Independent Recording [AIR] Studios, which has previously worked with artists ranging from Coldplay to James Blunt. Until We Last began recording in January and finished in a month, handling gigs throughout. Says Bahirat, “It was an awesome experience. We didn’t want to get paranoid about what should have sounded better or not. We thought it was good and said, ”˜Keshav will do the rest.’ We’re meant to be heard as a live band, rather than a studio band. The EP will bring that point across.”

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Earthgazing is set to release on August 11th for free download online, along with two bonus tracks which showcase the band’s electronic influence. Says Bahirat, “We’ve got songs like ”˜Light’ and ”˜Aura’ which have got a good response. It’s a teaser to what’s to come.”
Earthgazing tracklist

1. “Creation”

2. “Earthgazing”

3. “To Space and Back”

4. “Parallel Dimensions”

5. “Water” (bonus track)

6. “Trails” (bonus track)


Until We Last performs at The Humming Tree, Bengaluru on August 22nd, 2014. More tour dates TBA.

Until We Last shares photos from travels that inspired the new EP Earthgazer

Photos: Ketan Bahirat/Chaithanya Jade

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Listen to Earthgazing here

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