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Lazie Bison Charge Up for India Tour

The transnational band comprising members from India, Canada and Sweden will debut live this month

Anurag Tagat Jan 30, 2018

Lazie Bison - Jay Pillai, Evan Murray, Johan Dereborn, John Anthony, Manoj Pillai, Rahul C.R. (clockwise from top left). Photo: Courtesy of Aum-I Artistes; Martin Pavicic (Dereborn)

Canadian guitarist Evan Murray is obviously exaggerating when he says it was a “one in eight billion” chance that he and Bengaluru-based veteran guitarist Jay Pillai connected on Facebook. The one thing they connected on, of course, was rock ”˜n’ roll.

Over the past year since they put together their band Lazie Bison, the musicians joined dots like explorers ”“ first roping in event and artist management firm Aum-I Artistes, Canada-based event production agency Dream Weaver Projects and Sweden gig organizer Peter Astedt. Murray says, “I guess the biggest surprise between Jay and I is that we were very much the same at a core level, even though we have grown up realizing the world from such a great distance.”

While their debut EP Strange Ideas, which released last year, comprised songs borrowed from Pillai’s Eighties rock-influenced band Lazie J and the heavier, darker rock of Murray’s band Marystown, everything is now in motion for the band ”“ a four-city India tour and a new EP. Pillai says about their sound, “In the future, we wish to add more of a cultural aspect to our music, but as of now it is strictly rock ”˜n’ roll. I believe the whole world shares rock ”˜n’ roll, no matter what culture or country you live in.”

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After briefly working with reggae legend Bob Marley’s bassist Bryan Atkinson, Lazie Bison used their Swedish connection to rope in Johan Dereborn. Pillai, for his part, has added longtime associates such as guitarist John Anthony (from fusion rock band Karnatriix), drummer Manoj (from Nineties Kerala/Bengaluru rock band The Autumn Leaf) and bassist Rahul C.R. (also from Karnatriix). Their India debut includes stops in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Bengaluru, including a performance at the Mojo Rising music festival, between February 10th and 11th in Kochi. Murray says, “This tour is for gathering our promotional material and planning for the future. The set list is going to be dynamic. Chaos and clarity all rolled into one.”

Dereborn adds that tourism is part of the plan, but more importantly, Lazie Bison will be rehearsing for the first time and also prepping for their appearance on live performance series Music Mojo. The bassist says about jamming together, “I really look forward to that and I think the outcome could be really new, fresh and unique, while still holding its place as being powerful, catchy, radio-friendly and accessible to the common listener. I think this band has huge potential.”

Lazie Bison will perform at The Muse Room, Thiruvananthapuram on February 4th, and at Mojo Rising Festival between February 10th and 11th at Bolgatty Island, Kochi. Event details here.

Watch the video for “Don’t Turn Around” below. 


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